Resemble Systems: A Forerunner in Delivering IBM Software Solutions

Nazeer Aval, CEO & Founder
Today, IBM is rapidly reshaping the way enterprises operate in four key areas Cloud, Analytics, Mobility and Security. Accordingly, these four technological trends are transforming the way modern day IT industry operates. As business demand for emerging technologies rises, enterprises are facing two substantial obstacles—IT skill shortages and security concerns. Resemble Systems is addressing these challenges with a consultative approach, providing organizations’ with a unique, cost effective, and secure solution. Collaborating with IBM, the company has conceived an innovative solution framework, CAMSSA (cloud, analytics, mobility, social, security and automation), ensuring customers’ business productivity.

Resemble Systems offers clients with an enterprise grade, public and private cloud platform, delivers the broadest cloud services in order to enable innovation and operational efficiency. “Our cloud platform helps enterprises to capitalize on the increasing demand for infrastructure and software as a service (SaaS) solutions,” begins Nazeer Aval, CEO and Founder, Resemble Systems. In addition, Resemble Systems empowers organizations with analytics solutions that extract exact information from massive data in the cloud. By suggesting IBM Cognos software to organizations, the company is facilitating enterprises with data driven analytics software. “We recommend two kinds of Cognos software—one that supplies business intelligence for dashboard, and reporting services while the other aids finance offices in their budgeting, planning and forecasting analytics,” says Aval. Apart from Cognos software, Resemble Systems also extends IBM Watson platform, consisting of cognitive analytics capabilities that are implemented in customers’ applications. “Watson absorbs huge amount of data in order to provide precise and cognitive insight into any relevant matter,” adds Aval.

Moreover, with IBM QRadar, Resemble Systems is offering a security intelligence solution to protect assets and information from advanced threats. QRadar Security Intelligence Platform provides a unified architecture for integrating SIEM solutions.IBM MobileFirst Protect, an Enterprise Mobile Device management software, Resemble Systems is helping organizations to manage and secure data on employees’ mobile devices. “We are an end-to-end solution provider of IBM security software that includes products like IBM BigFix, Guardium, XGS, QRadar and Appscan, safeguarding firms’ critical data from compromises,” says Aval.

Our Security platform helps enterprises to capitalize on the increasing demand for protecting IT assets and Information

It is also important to note that, Resemble Systems maintains a social network platform that improves organizations’ knowledge sharing and decision making capabilities. The company roffers IBM Connections suite, allowing organizations to share knowledge with new employees beyond traditional boundaries, leading to increase in production. “With instant messaging, business conferencing and online meeting features, our unified communication platform facilitates organizations with real-time, enterprise, communication services,” notes Aval. “With IBM Notes and Domino, we bring together business messaging, applications, and social collaboration while utilizing IBM verse, we provide clients with email facilities that understands their business.”

Furthermore, Resemble Systems’ business process automation is a systematic approach to making an organization’s workflow effective and well organized. “We convert customers’ manual workflow processes into automated methods in order to improve efficiency, reduce time and save cost,” says Aval.

In one such instance, Gargash Enterprises, one of the company’s large clients were facing an unprecedented array of challenge as they maintained their business through manual processes. The client approached Resemble Systems, who provided them with business process automation solution, which resulted in augmented response from sales team towards their clients and brought significant benefits to Gargash Enterprises.

Driven by innovation and underlying ideology of exceeding customers’ expectations, Resemble Systems plans to utilize different IBM Software capabilities in the upcoming years such as Bluemix, offering unique cloud application development platform. “We also hope to deliver application capability using Watson enabling a new partnership between people and computers,”

Resemble Systems

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Nazeer Aval, CEO & Founder

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