Resort Data Processing: The Full-Service Property Management Specialist

Nate Strauss, VP Sales
The Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin Dells which houses the Wilderness Hotel and Golf Resort is one of the world’s most-dreamt destinations. It is packed with a variety of accommodations spread over 600 acres with 444 guest rooms, 40 vacation villas, and also 108 luxurious condominium units. The water parks are a combined size of over 12 football fields and attract guests of all ages. The complex administration and organization of such a huge resort is handled by an adaptive property management system (PMS) that automates and accelerates all its essential processes. From accepting and confirming bookings to guest communication, and generating bills with reports, the software can streamline everything in real time. Behind the scenes at Wilderness Resort, pulling the multiple strings and propping the plethora of services on a robust technology infrastructure is the ingenious automation framework designed by Resort Data Processing, a property management software company that provides the complete toolset for managing hotels and resorts of all sizes.

Over the years, various facets of the hotel industry have undergone a seismic shift to accommodate new technologies and changing consumer behavior, which in turn altered the way hoteliers conduct their business today. A user when choosing a hotel can now get to choose an entire vacation that starts with the air travel ticket, car rental to booking a variety of properties. There is also the option to select the restaurant for dining and spa for a complete day for an enjoyable stay. Cloud-based property management systems (PMS) are widely used by many properties to handle all the processes efficiently but according to Barry Biegler, the president and founder, “Even though we offer software services both in cloud-based and the traditional variant with our own equipment, the cloud may come as a less efficient and costly option in the hotel industry.”

Various vendors offer “cookie-cutter” PMS systems with the same unchanged product and a “take-it-or-leave-it” selling policy. Resort Data Processing is one of the few companies that let hotels add custom changes to meet their specific needs.

We are looking for full-service resort clients that want to offer their guests, reservations to more than just a hotel room

They can integrate new functionalities like airfare rental, cab-booking, and restaurant dining into their PMS system for their clients. “We tailor our product and provide a system that our clients require and not vice-versa,” says Nate Strauss, VP of sales at Resort Data Processing. The organization is also backed by a 100 percent US-based support and veteran programmers that have known the hotel industry inside-out for 35 years.

Resort Data Processing provides its software reservation system to properties beyond the ordinary hotel rooms; these are the ones that have a mix of accommodations which include large resorts with attached RV parks and also renting houses. “Most companies sell their product only to hotels or campgrounds whereas we can sell our software to any of these properties and blend them with other types of properties,” states Biegler. Apart from all the basic features found in a common PMS, there are supplementary modules that Resort Data Processing offers to increase the capabilities of their software for their clients. A user can access a whole itinerary system by getting to reserve a water-skiing ride, reservation of a restaurant, and water-park. “We are looking for full-service resort clients that want to offer their guests, reservations to more than just a hotel room,” says Strauss.

Nowadays, instead of a traditional key, guests can just wave their smartphone to get access to all the facilities on the property. Resort Data Processing already provides mobility features in their product that helps their clients improve communication with their guests. But looking ahead in the future, the team wants to let guests book add-ons offered in the property, directly from their smart-devices and plan their day after reaching their preferred resort.

Resort Data Processing

Vail, CO

Nate Strauss, VP Sales and Barry Biegler, Founder & President

Founded in 1981, Resort Data Processing, Inc. (RDP) is a resort property management software company founded in 1981. The company is headquartered in Vail, Colorado. RDP develops, installs, and offers 24-hour support for over various customers worldwide. Their marketplaces include Vacation Rentals, Condo-Hotels, Resorts, Hotels, Timeshare/Fractional Properties, Private Residence Clubs (PRC), and RV Resorts. RDP also provides custom programming related to these marketplaces. The company with a team of experts specializes in offering hotel reservation software, timeshare software systems, private club, RV resort, and vacation rental management software, resort software, Condo Resort Software, Vacation Rental Resort software, Vacation Rental, condo, RV Resort Software, and Back office software