Resource Edge:Automating Talent Search and Source Process

Don Weis, President and COO
In the insurance industry, agencies and offices attribute financial success to their ability to grow strong and talented teams. This makes ‘recruiting’ a key responsibility of managers and directors within many companies,” says Don Weis, President and COO of Resource Edge. However, finding prospects in a competitive, fast-paced employment marketplace can be tedious. “Organizations face challenges with the volume of resume sources available to mine for prospects, limited staff on hand, and a lack of available administrative time,” he adds. Resource Edge strives to eliminate the hurdles in recruiting by shortening the time to source and qualify talent, and build prospect pipelines proactively and efficiently.

In the nineties, companies began using online sources to find candidates. The tools and systems used for recruiting were antiquated and manual processes lead to a high margin for user error. Resource Edge worked on a technological solution to simplify online recruiting, better organize candidate data, and automate repetitive processes. “We have been serving enterprise level staffing organizations, corporate recruitment departments, and independent recruiters,” explained Weis. “In 2011, we partnered with some of the Insurance industry’s most successful leaders in agency recruitment to gain their expertise on their unique recruitment challenges. We decided to build a specialized recruiting system for their industry. Our developers worked with those leaders to design and deploy an application completely customized for the purpose of Insurance and Financial Service recruiting—InsuraSeek."

InsuraSeek is commended by various big names in the industry for its agility and proficiency. The product finds qualified prospects with automated online search, leverages prospect geography and organizes results based on quality of resume, location and source.InsuraSeek communicates with prospects and increases the likelihood for prospect contact with features like drip email marketing and the auto scheduler, which allows users to preset interview days and time, and then extends an invitation to prospects who can schedule their interviews and meetings with the company using a convenient online calendar.

If there is something we can build that helps our user community better perform their jobs and improve their performance, let’s do it

InsuraSeek’s automated search function is a powerful aggregator, allowing for effective internet search without requiring users to know the tricks to get the most out of their search logic. The product takes industry-vetted keywords containing favorable industry skills and experience, and defines the search configurations to bring back candidates that best fit that profile. With full communication libraries of commonly used emails and texts and administrative controls, clients can limit and control the user community’s ability to use compliant language. This combination of automated features diminish the administrative time spent searching and contacting industry prospects so more time can be spent on evaluation and hire.

Resource Edge has attributed their success to their ability to adapt and meet the needs of the industry’s high volume recruiting demands. A client in the mutual insurance space relied on Resource Edge’s email reminders to communicate with their prospects about pending onsite hiring events. “The client wanted to explore how we could make the communication process more efficient,” says Weis. The company explored the option of SMS text message reminders. The development team reviewed the project needs and provided the texting feature to encourage faster communication. “We made text messaging a reality for the client and established a dedicated library of sample text messages to help the client get started with the new feature,” he adds. Going forward, Resource Edge is working on tools that impact job promotion and job posting, and reporting. “Once we’ve got those deployed, we plan to focus on additional product development and application improvements,” concludes Weis.

Resource Edge

Las Vegas, NV

Don Weis, President and COO

A company that establishes an effective way to automate and improve the Internet resume search and source process for insurance and financial service recruiting.