Rethink: Inspiring and Empowering the Differently Abled

Daniel A. Etra, Co-Founder & CEO
According to CDC, one in six children will be diagnosed with a developmental disability (including developmental delays, autism, speech/language problems, intellectual or learning disabilities, ADD/ ADHD, and Down Syndrome), which will account to millions of individuals below the age 21. Providing care and support to these individuals is an uphill task in itself as there is only 25,000 Board certified behavioral therapists globally to treat such a vast demographic. Set against this backdrop, Rethink is setting a new paradigm in the realm of behavioral healthcare by offering treatment tools and clinical support to caregivers and the families of individuals with developmental or behavioral disabilities through a scalable digital platform.

Touching upon the genesis of Rethink, Daniel A. Etra, CEO and Co-founder, says “Our main goal is to create a positive impact on the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities and to combine that with a vision to leverage technology for developing a scalable solution on a global basis.” To that end, the company’s web-based platform assists clients to scale infinitely and provide a clinical best practice solution for caregivers by combining the medically recommended treatment— applied behavioral analysis—with a proven method of instruction. The platform consists of a built-in assessment, which establishes the dependent’s development level, note’s the individual’s skill deficiencies across a range of areas including social and emotional, language, motor and others skills. With this unique data of the diagnosed individual, the caregiver can automatically track the dependent’s progress, tabulate the data and display it in real time to create an accurate window into the outcomes of the intervention plan. Moreover, the platform consists of over 1,500 video-based lessons with each one depicting trained clinicians working with actual individuals with developmental disabilities. Regardless of the dependent’s location, the e-learning platform helps caregivers around the globe to understand the unique needs of the individual and respond with the appropriate intervention.
Bolstering the value proposition of Rethink, the platform is designed to be mobile friendly and can be accessed via smartphones, tablets, and different OS systems. Additionally, the platform has three different versions serving Fortune 500 corporations and their employees, public school districts, and behavioral health providers. In addition to the ability to train staff, automatically generate an intervention plan and track progress, the platform also provides automated practice management functions such as scheduling, billing, reports generation, submitting a claim to a large health plan, and more.

Our main goal is to inspire and empower individuals with developmental disabilities and to combine that with a vision of leveraging technology to develop a globally scalable solution

In instance typical use case, Costco Wholesale leveraged the platform to proactively provide support employees caring for a dependent with a developmental disability. These employees suffer from a higher range of anxiety, depression, and pressure, thus, affecting their work performance. As Donna Sexton, Director of Employee Benefits at Costco Wholesale noted: “I can’t think of hardly any benefits we’ve ever added to our suite that got so much attention and so many letters to our president thanking him for bringing Rethink on and what a difference it was going to make in their lives.”

For the future, Etra says, “We are in the process of expanding our offering to mainstream students that may have behavioral issues, which may not fall under a special need or developmental disability.” Besides, Rethink is also aiming to expand their market beyond the 120 countries that they serve currently and capture the global market successfully.


New York, NY

Daniel A. Etra, Co-Founder & CEO

Rethink is an industry-leading global health technology company focused on the cloud-based delivery of clinical best practice treatment tools, training and supports for individuals with developmental disabilities (such as autism) and their caregivers