Rev: AI Above the Funnel: Finding Your Next Best Prospect, Faster

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Jonathan Spier, CEO
Every sales and marketing team faces roadblocks. One of these obstacles is surprisingly common - find and vet high quality prospects that can become great customers. If only go-to-market teams knew who to target on day one. Instead, many teams invest significant resources in sales and marketing outreach only to discover they targeted the wrong prospects from the start.

How can businesses remove these inefficiencies from their lead generation process and make prospecting more scientific and successful? Enter Rev’s AI-based Sales Development Platform.

“At Rev, we use AI to help sales, marketing and rev ops teams identify the right prospects, before they enter the funnel,” explains Jonathan Spier, CEO of Rev. “This has two main benefits: reduce the time and effort spent on outbound sales and marketing efforts and, secondly, ensure teams capture a greater proportion of the highest potential prospects that they might otherwise miss.”

Rev’s Sales Development Platform (SDP) has three primary functions: AI-powered targeting, list building, and data sharing with other go-to-market tools. Rev leverages exegraphic data— insights into how companies operate—and AI to uncover behavioral patterns among a business’s best customers. These exegraphics might include things like “willingness to adopt new technology,” “high growth,” or a “focus on B2B vs. B2C”.

Instead of an ideal customer profile (ICP) that sits in a PowerPoint deck, Rev has created an aiCP- a mathematical model that represents a company’s ideal target - and uses that profile to identify other similar prospects. Businesses can then quickly generate a prioritized and ranked list of prospects based on fit to the aiCP. Finally, Rev’s SDP pushes data from the target account list directly via API to the client’s CRM or marketing automation system–including Salesforce, HubSpot, and Marketo.
Along with exegraphic data, Rev also ingests firmographic, technographic, and private data sources and adds them to the aiCP–more than 10 million public web pages, 6 million company profiles, and over 100 million individuals. Companies can also pipe in their own data feeds from other tools like 6Sense. Every piece of data strengthens the aiCP and increases a company’s aim in targeting prospects that are both “fit” and “ready” to engage. In fact, by reducing the amount of research and time focused on the wrong prospects, Rev helps organizations save 30-50% of their time in outbound prospecting. Rev also finds 50-80% of 5-star prospects that sales teams often miss, along with reducing the number of low-quality leads that enter the sales funnel.

At Rev, we use AI to help sales, marketing and rev ops teams identify the right prospects, before they enter the funnel

Recently, Rev partnered with a successful, publicly traded enterprise software company that wanted to upsell services to existing customers. With thousands of customers, firmographics like “company size” and “industry” generated too many possible targets. By layering on exegraphics that described things like “level of data sensitivity,” “increasing cybersecurity concerns,” and “recent executive hires in devops,” the software company successfully mined their existing customer set and found the best candidates to upsell among thousands of existing customers. Using Rev, the company’s ability to identify the best prospects and grow revenue per account improved significantly.

Rev’s AI-based Sales Development Platform is both a time saver and revenue growth option that is revolutionizing the sales and marketing process - providing an above-the-funnel solution that changes the world of prospecting for the better.


San Diego, CA

Jonathan Spier, CEO

Rev revolutionizes what happens above the funnel and solves the first-mile problem that sales development battles every day. Instead of providing an ideal customer profile (ICP) that sits in a PowerPoint deck, Rev ingests exegraphic data and uses AI to uncover patterns among a company’s best customers.