Reval: SAP’s Integration Partnership with Reval for Treasury and Risk Management in the Cloud

CIO VendorPhil Pettinato, CTO
Today's modern treasury manages numerous responsibilities within an organization, playing a strategic role in driving the corporation’s funding and investments. But as companies grow into new markets, merge with other companies, and respond to market and regulatory change, corporate treasuries are challenged to gain a holistic and accurate view of their cash positions and exposures. Corporate, CIOs can help their treasury teams operate more nimbly with seamless integration of their ERPs into Reval’s cloud-based platform for Treasury and Risk Management (TRM). As the only treasury and risk management application vendor that is a certified SAP partner, Reval, headquartered in New York, helps over 600 clients globally better manage their cash, liquidity, debt, investments and derivatives across their organizations and various entities on a single cloud platform.

“Reval sits within Treasury, but much of the information that’s needed in Treasury to make decisions exists in SAP,” says Reval Chief Technology Officer, Phil Pettinato. Reval imports information from SAP on the front end through straight-through processing workflows. This allows Reval to grab data out of SAP, such as currency exposures that need to be hedged, or accounts payables and accounts receivables that need to update positions or potential payments—which could be salary payments or vendor payments that need to go through Reval to get out to the bank payment platforms.

“Once Reval extracts that information and aggregates it with other information that comes from treasury transaction cashflows, our clients can perform various functions like netting to receive better payment terms, reduce exposures and measure them accurately for hedging purposes,” Pettinato explains.
He says after all those related treasury transactions are entered in the system and the workflows are completed, Reval generates general ledger entries as a subledger and feeds that back into SAP where clients can get an aggregated look at their balance sheets and income statements at the ledger level. So it’s a full, end-to-end solution.

We also integrate into the SAP Business Warehouse, which allows clients to pull in operational data from across the organization with treasury information for reporting purposes. Reval aggregates that data so clients can create their own dashboards with dynamic Interactive Enterprise Analytics, get their alerts and manage their day to day positions interactively in real time, right within the system’s highly visual reports.

We seamlessly integrate the key workflows of treasury into a single cloud TRM platform to provide global visibility into cash positions both start of day and intraday

Clients and their IT teams also rely on Reval to stay compliant with all of the integration points to SAP as they move forward in time. “IT teams don’t have to worry about building their own connection models and their own platforms to maintain connectivity. They rely on us to do that,” Pettinato says. “We become the support platform for treasury.” Looking into the future, Reval continues to invest over 30 percent of its revenue in R&D. Its multi-tenant cloud TRM platform by design provides decades of industry best practice functionality, innovated in partnership with the best of its clients, globally.


New York, NY

Phil Pettinato, CTO

Provider of a scalable cloud platform for Treasury and Risk Management.