Reveal Group: Shaking up the Robots

Ian Crouch, Managing Partner & Founder Operational Excellence in the Era of Efficient Operations

As the buzz around Robotic Process Automation (RPA) continues to grow, Reveal Group remains at the forefront, setting customer service benchmarks and shaking up the industry. To Reveal Group, success in this era of disruption calls for significant productivity improvements, dramatic reductions in headcount and scalable processes underpinned by technology, without which CIOs and their organizations face a genuine risk of losing relevancy.

A unique approach to RPA, complemented by their proprietary software, has enabled Reveal Group to corner an untapped area of the market. Already, dozens of clients have dumped their existing programs to adopt Reveal Group’s approach to operational improvement. Integrating their industry-leading experience with innovative Operational Excellence software is enabling automation to be extended to new areas of the enterprise and the associated benefits to be quickly harvested.

Managing Partner and Founder of Reveal Group, Ian Crouch, labels organizations that are not embracing RPA as out of date and negligent, putting their organizations at risk of a slow decline.

“If CIOs and their organizations assume that they can continue on as they always have, they are sorely mistaken. The new generation of digital workforce solutions demands to be looked at differently and can’t be implemented using ‘IT thinking’, which is far too slow and expensive. Expecting your entire RPA program to run successfully, just because you bought into ‘the right solution’ is naïve. Robots aren’t bandaids - organizations need to change the operational behaviours of their people; introduce and learn from their productivity metrics; reform their operational capabilities and streamline their business processes – while bringing in the bots. It is a big agenda.”

Progress or Perish

Fast and sustainable transformations of operational performance have been the heart of Reveal Group for over ten years. Crouch asserts, “These new waves of technology will continue to dramatically impact businesses. RPA is an exciting step in the evolution of business processes, but organizations need to act now. Leaner, efficient operations are now a necessity, not an aspiration.”

Reveal Group is transforming today's organizations, which are being challenged by disruptors, into tech-first enterprises. "We give companies access to the technologies and innovations they need to embrace digital transformation.

If CIOs don’t switch gears fast, and move away from ‘Traditional IT’, they will be replaced

Pairing the RPA platforms of our partners, underpinned with our proprietary Operational Excellence platform, Reveal™, enables organizations to successfully deploy a large-scale, multi-skilled digital workforce to achieve their customer service aspirations while ensuring operational compliance in a manner that is scalable and sustainable."

Reveal Group’s Operational Excellence platform has bolstered Reveal Group’s RPA program, and clearly set it apart from the crowd. Most importantly the Reveal™ platform enables CIOs and their organisations to ensure the benefits of IT, business improvement and RPA programs translate into bottom line savings. For organizations that have already invested in RPA, this can be a large issue because without this foresight, analytics and planning, they may not have reaped the benefits.

Crouch affirms, “Clients are using Reveal Group’s technology across thousands of employees to refine and accelerate their improvement programs. Industry leaders are leveraging our proven Operational Excellence solution to quickly identify, quantify, prioritize and realize the maximum benefits associated with a human and virtual workforce.”

The Challenges for CIOs

While companies can clearly see the opportunities offered by RPA, Crouch says that many CIOs are at risk of being too busy with their current responsibilities to focus on what is truly critical to organizational success.

“An unwavering and narrow focus on ‘traditional IT’ as the sole domain of a CIO means that they risk becoming ‘narrow’ and outdated. Trying to apply redundant technologies in an era of accelerated innovation will only hold a company back. The combination of new technologies and disrupters are coming so quickly that businesses, and CIOs in particular, can’t afford to just keep doing what they’ve been doing. Traditional IT can’t be deployed fast enough or cost effectively enough to meet the needs of businesses today, so CIOs need to adopt a new mindset in order to stay relevant.”

In many organizations the responsibility for business innovation is being moved away from the CIOs, but Crouch states that bringing IT and innovation back together within a company is crucial for the CIO role to stay relevant.

“The challenge for CIOs is to enable and expedite business transformation, not be an impediment to it. In an age of disruption, these leaders need to be abreast of new and future technologies and where this can be successfully applied within their companies.

We specialize in understanding, assessing and where applicable introducing and integrating these new technologies, and then ensuring the associated benefit realisation. We want to share this with CIOs to help propel their business forwards.”

"In order to keep-up with the pace of change, organizations need to be cutting their headcounts by 50 percent"

Reveal Group’s clients, from financial institutions to telcos, utilities, airlines, manufacturing and mining companies are seeing the significant cost, efficiency and productivity benefits that RPA can deliver. This, in turn, gives the human workforce the ability to engage in more stimulating and strategic work – an opportunity that is already revolutionising customer service as we know it.

Workforce of the Future

The impediments of waiting days, or weeks to open and activate a bank account, or update your telco billing details are no longer accepted. Customers don’t want to wait; they expect everything to happen as they need it.

Echoing this sentiment, Crouch says, “We are in an era of immediacy. Customers no longer expect 24-hour service but rather ‘immediate service’, without errors or inconsistencies.”

“Reveal Group are working with organizations to drive out these inefficiencies and help them to realise the benefits of new technologies, and do so very quickly. The workforce of the future needs to be focussed on customer experience. Organisations need to move fast – this is why our transformations are being rolled out in as little as weeks and months.”

Reveal Group’s success with transformation RPA projects throughout the U.K., Europe, Asia, North, Central and South America have confirmed their status as industry leaders.

“Driving change through transformational technologies is absolutely crucial to keeping organizations relevant, and CIOs need to be at the helm of this, right now .”

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Ian Crouch, Managing Partner & Founder

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