RevealIT Solutions: Helping Organizations Stay Compliant with their IT Assets

Arvind Ramaswamy, CEO
Understanding the organizational environment is critical; especially when it comes to IT assets and compliance requirements. Often, organizations purchase more licenses than they need, without proper knowledge, and fall short of ensuring compliance. Software vendors realize this and have been known to further instill uncertainty and doubt, resulting in increased software license expenses in the absence of solid data on IT environments. Headquartered at Bethlehem, PA, RevealIT Solutions helps organizations handle the business processes required for effective asset management through the implementation of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and discovery tools. “RevealIT enables customers to derive full value from the tools they purchase, and also provides modules that extend tool functionality so customers can quickly and more effectively meet their business objectives,” says Arvind Ramaswamy, CEO, RevealIT.

With the escalation of cloud computing and virtualization, understanding the complexity of licensing needs and utilization have also become essential. RevealIT’s asset management practice minimizes costs, mitigates compliance and security risks, and optimizes services in a changing industry environment. The company’s EAM solutions aggregate hardware and software assets in a central repository and eliminates unwanted lease redemptions and contract costs for unused assets. The solution also tracks software licenses and monitors hardware and software asset utilization, further reducing the expense.

RevealIT’s key offerings for Software Asset Management (SAM) include an assessment that helps customers understand where they stand in the maturity curve. “Our SAM solution is reliant and adaptive to the organization’s processes and we can tailor our services and products to customer’s specific needs,” states Ramaswamy. RevealIT also provides solutions and services to address data normalization, a key aspect for effective SAM. Other offerings include targeted discovery modules that enable more accurate software recognition and license management. Furthermore, the company’s ISO 19770-2 tag generator integrates tightly with a couple of leading vendor platforms to provide an end-to-end solution that leverages ISO tags.
Additionally, RevealIT provides workshops, training, and other assessments to improve organizational processes for IT asset management and service management.

Leveraging its strong offerings and execution capabilities, RevealIT has helped numerous mid-sized and Fortune 100 companies with their business processes and enabled them to implement asset management and discovery tools. On one occasion, one of their client’s existing asset management programs was failing and their stakeholders brought RevealIT in as a last-ditch attempt to revive it before shutting down the program altogether. After RevealIT implemented their solution, the client gained millions in cost-savings through ‘quick wins’ at regular intervals and in the process improved the program’s end-user adoption rate and ROI significantly. This resulted in the company deeming the program essential to their success and ended up expanding their in-house team multi-fold.

In the current competitive market, the success of RevealIT can be pinned to all their employees, who are given the opportunity to build new offerings and test novel technologies at their innovation lab. “This is a big differentiator as it allows us to be very agile and work at the cutting edge of technology, which our customers benefit from almost immediately,” remarks Ramaswamy.

RevealIT enables customers to derive full value from the tools they purchase, and also provides modules that extend tool functionality so customers can quickly and more effectively meet their business objectives

With proven subject matter expertise across a broad spectrum, RevealIT is focused on innovation for the future and developing best-of-breed solutions. “We have some exciting offerings in the works. Stay tuned,” concludes Ramaswamy.

RevealIT Solutions

Bethlehem, PA

Arvind Ramaswamy, CEO

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