Revelstoke: Augmenting Security Operation Centers with Revolutionary SOAR

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David McKinley, CTO
2021 witnessed a growth in cybercrimes, with a substantial increase in digital extortion schemes, credentials theft, and manipulation of decentralized finance systems (DeFi). Although large enterprises across the globe house a security operation center (SOC), they often fail to prevent a myriad of cyber threats. What is the reason? Overloading security analysts with unmanageable inbound signals, several of which are frequently false alarms, obstructing their threat hunting and incident response capabilities.

With the growing number of organized crimes, it is high time that businesses augment their SOC to successfully evade cyberattacks, saving exuberant overhead expenses. California-headquartered security automation experts Revelstoke empowers enterprises to enhance their security stature. The company is a trailblazer that enables large enterprises and smaller organizations to fundamentally bolster and simplify their security orchestration, automation, and response processes, transforming their SOC teams to work more efficiently.

Since its inception, Revelstoke has established itself as a force to be reckoned with, helping SOC teams enhance their automation capabilities. The company does this by offering its revolutionary low-code automation platform. “We empower our clients to address their fundamental needs, letting them focus on the bigger picture items and identify areas they can improve,” says David McKinley, Chief Technology Officer of Revelstoke. What differentiates the company from other peer-level products is its innovative Unified Data Layer (UDL), the revolutionary component of the company’s SOAR platform that is taking the global cyber security arena by storm.

SOC teams employ a wide array of cybersecurity tools to execute their mission, generating datasets in different formats and impeding data transfer amongst multiple devices. Revelstoke is built on the UDL, which normalizes data classification and creates a universal language that allows multiple platforms to communicate, saving the users from writing new programs for integrating multiple tools and correlating data.

The UDL seamlessly connects multiple SOC tools—end-to-end lifecycle case management, SIEM triage, threat intelligence, endpoint protection, vulnerability management, and more—and enables users to manage them via an intuitive drag-and-drop Kanban interface. The platform functions as a productivity multiplier for high-performing SOC teams by enabling them to automate processes, optimize workflows, and scale operations in a flexible, seamless, and efficient manner.
Revelstoke also integrates popular enterprise-grade case management systems such as Jira, IBM Resilient, and ServiceNow to its SOAR, enabling users to use multiple tools and modify the platform according to their existing systems. Revelstoke is geared towards high levels of enterprise scalability and data standardization, enabling businesses to scale their SOC operations as they grow and stay abreast of current industry narratives. Revelstoke also renders high levels of visibility to its users, providing highly-valuable performance metrics and reporting functionalities. Complementing Revelstoke’s remarkably efficient platform is its implementation strategy, the premier services offering, that ensures that clients leverage the SOAR to the best of their capabilities.

Enterprises have complex challenges that require bespoke services. We provide expert advice that resonates well with our clients. We provide a personal touch to the process, which makes all the difference

Via the Premier service, Revelstoke’s primarily US-based team of experts conducts multiple rounds of thorough discussion with their clients, meticulously identifying their challenges and helping them efficiently implement the Revelstoke SOAR platform. Owing to such an approach, Revelstoke has successfully eliminated numerous security bottlenecks for its clients, garnering a reputation as a customer-centric brand. On one occasion, two of its clients of different industries required authentication functionalities. Revelstoke effortlessly addressed their challenges by implementing similar workflow models.

The two clients required two-factor authentication and credential hijack prevention for their security operations. Although both customers belonged to different industries, Revelstoke implemented the same workflow due to its unified data layer. Revelstoke was able to integrate inbound data coming from vastly different endpoint products. Revelstoke has several such success stories with its clients. One could profoundly observe that the company is en route to executing a paradigm shift in the global cybersecurity sector, fostering highly efficient SOAR operations and empowering enterprises to dodge cybersecurity threats as they arise.


San Jose, CA.

David McKinley, CTO

Revelstoke offers a revolutionary low-code SOAR that is based on Unified Data Layer. The SOAR augments existing SOC teams and empowers them to work faster, smarter, and more effectively.