Revionics: Empowering Retailers To Position For The Future And Compete More Profitably

Marc hafner, CEo
Hyper-competition, format encroachment, channel blur, and increasingly price conscious, savvy shoppers are compelling retailers around the world to better understand shopper behavior by channel, store, touch point and product. Retail solution provider, Revionics, has a robust suite of proven End-to-End Merchandise Optimization solutions that provide retailers with a 360 degree view of shopper behavior, enabling fact-based price, promotion, markdown, assortment and space allocation decisions tailored to the retailer's channel and the shopper's preferred touch points for improved financial performance and customer loyalty.

Through the use of demand-based science and predictive analytics, Revionics replaces gut feel and spreadsheets with a datadrive, disciplined approach to merchandise planning strategies and tactics. These solutions enable merchants to predict and respond to changing shopper behavior, surgically position against new and traditional competitors, deepen shopper engagement and loyalty and move from product centricity to shopper centricity. Their software solution suite provides planning, management, optimization and effectiveness measurement across the critical merchandise planning levers - life cycle pricing, assortment and space.

Founded in 2002, Revionics now has over 37,000 retail sites globally that leverage their solutions to make smarter, data-driven decisions. They service a variety of retail verticals including grocery, health and beauty, building materials, convenience, general merchandise, discount, specialty, sporting goods and eCommerce.

Revionics' global customer base includes regional to super tier 1 retailers including: Safeway, Family Dollar, Cabela's, Roundy's Supermarkets, Big Y Markets, Fairway, Gander Mountain, DIXY, Guardian, Dick's Sporting Goods, ALCO, Tractor Support Company, City Farmers, BevMo!
Their customers are very pleased with the benefits that Revionics' solutions offer. For instance, Mike Bloom, President and COO of Family Dollar says, "Over the past three years, Revionics has proven that they are a great partner for Family Dollar through their cutting-edge technology and pricing analytics that protects our strong value perception while assisting us to improve our profitability." Pleased with the benefits of Revionics' solutions, Allison Rouse of Rouses Markets says, "Revionics solution is helping the company grow same-store sales at the same time it increases margins, which is a tough thing to do in grocery during a sluggish economy."

Revionics' solutions are offered on Software-as-a- Service (SaaS) platform that offers agility, fast time-to pay back while future-proofing retailers from the growing 'Big Fast Data' challenges. Their solutions uniquely provide complete transparency explaining the 'why' behind all recommendations, which is critical for adoption. Through the use of self-learning demand models, Revionics' customers enjoy recommendations that always reflect current and emerging consumer sentiment. Their customers have an ongoing yearly return on investment (ROI) around 10-fold.

"We have a deep, genuine and consistent partnering culture that permeates all of our interactions with customers and prospects," said Marc Hafner, President and CEO of Revionics. "Our SaaS-based model supports this and we know we need to earn our client's 'renewal right' every single day. I'm very proud to say that our renewals are near 100 percent and year-over-year growth has averaged at least 6 times the overall market growth."

Backed by an abundance of retail optimization expertise, proven solutions and a deep partnering culture, Revionics is well positioned to continue improving retailers' competitive advantage in today's ever-changing marketplace.


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Marc hafner, CEo

Revionics is the global provider of proven End-to-End Merchandise Optimization solutions that enable retailers to make fact-based merchandise planning decisions