RevX Systems: M2M—Monetizing Cellular-Enabled Services

Robert Entrican, CTO & Co-founder
Connected devices are rapidly becoming the new normal and forcing product companies to evolve and address technical and operational challenges related to wireless connectivity, monetizing services, and managing subscription revenue. To cross the great divide between opportunity and success, RevX provides a comprehensive solution that offers seamless interoperability with global M2M connectivity providers including Verizon, KORE Wireless, AT&T, Rogers, and others, combined with the power of a carrier grade billing and CRM platform.

“We are the platform which connects M2M product companies with subscription opportunity,” says Robert Entrican, CTO and Co-founder of RevX Systems.

Enterprises now have access to a full-service solution for their connected device network with an affordable yet powerful service delivery and monetization platform. RevX Systems has redefined the gold standard by harnessing the power of its technology to unify cross platform services, provide future proof flexibility to deliver and monetize services, and manage active subscriber relationships.

“A branded self-care portal empowers customers to self-manage their account relationship from order to cash,” says John D'Angelo, CEO and Co-founder of RevX Systems.

M2M and the Internet of Things is creating unique subscription opportunities driven by connected things. This requires product companies to adopt new operating processes like the ones used by service providers (i.e: ASP, MSP, etc.). Servicing revenue created through a subscription model requires systems capable of automating customer acquisition, device connectivity, service provisioning, metered usage, recurring billing, and managing subscriber relationships.

Managing recurring monthly charges across thousands of subscribers requires a system that provides a no-touch/low-touch approach and “standards” based operations to create scalability in your operation.

We act as a bridge between product companies and carriers

The RevX M2M Service Delivery and Monetization platform includes:
•Provisioning, rating, billing, account management and reporting
•Connectivity with network operators and software applications
•Order processing, policy management and workflow orchestration
•Customer and device relationship management

RevX eliminates many of the challenges related to launching connected products by flattening the learning curve and enabling clients to transcend the IT and operational obstacles of managing connectivity, software, managed or device-as-a-service using a standard solution.

“Our integrated solution provides operational consistency by ensuring the prompt and proper activation of services. Delays and mistakes can be expensive and it’s critical that companies have service and revenue assurance tools for device reconciliation and plan optimization,” states Entrican.

RevX Systems first introduced convergent charging and billing in the mid 90’s when bundled internet services were creating insurmountable billing and service delivery obstacles. Today, the proliferation of new and innovative services, driven by M2M and the Internet of Things, is creating similar disruption.

The RevX solution enables companies to connect, monetize, and manage connected Things. “RevX will reduce your CAPEX and OPEX figures, simplify operations, and free up valuable resources to focus on sustained growth. We empower companies with a scalable go-to-market strategy supported by an industry proven back office solution at a fraction of the cost of a manual workforce. Our rapid deployment model enables companies to launch connected products and services on-time, with minimal risk, disruption, and cost.”

RevX Systems

Newport Beach, CA

Robert Entrican, CTO & Co-founder and John D\'Angelo, CEO & Co-founder

Automates the order to cash process for subscription-based products, applications, and services and self-care portal creates accounts and provisions network

RevX Systems