Rezgateway: Gaining Ancillary Revenue through Integrated Holiday Packages

Mesfin Eyob, President & CEO
In a highly competitive environment, airlines are exhibiting great deal of reliance on ancillary revenue to maximize their profits since they cannot increase ticket fares without compromising on customer’s sense of contentment. At this juncture, in order to boost revenue, retain customers, and maintain customer loyalty, airlines are on a constant look out for viable partners that can provide all the essential tools to efficiently manage revenue. In this light, Rezgateway, Reston, VA-based firm enables airlines to enhance ancillary revenue by providing technical support to operate holiday or tour division in a cost-effective manner. “Our company provides fully integrated reservation and back-office system that covers the end-to-end operations of airline holiday or tour divisions,” says Mesfin Eyob, President and CEO, Rezgateway. The company supports airline holiday divisions to easily create, book, manage, integrate, and distribute multiple travel products from a single office system.

Rezgateway’s fully integrated solution, RezG-Package facilitates airlines through their holiday divisions to book and manage air, car, hotels, transfers, activities, insurance, and fixed packages. “RezG-Package helps airlines to seamlessly operate their holiday reservation service with dynamic packaging, shopping cart and fixed package capabilities across all its sales channels, such as B2C, B2B, Call Centre, POS and XMLout,” explains Eyob. Additionally, the solution includes a back office system to manage direct land contracts and fixed package components. RezG-Package’s multi currency and internationalization features help the customers to transact from different countries.

“Our fully integrated solution covers all aspects of an airline holiday division’s operation such as sales, operations, contracting, finance, and management,” notes Eyob. Rezgateway meticulously understands the requirements of airlines to develop and customize solutions. “We have a dedicated team assigned to each airline for all customizations and integrations in an ongoing basis,” he adds. The company provides 24/7 cloud based technical support to encourage business growth of the customers. “We host and monitor the application to keep it running all the time,” he adds.

Unlike other solution providers, Rezgetway does not offer a standard product to its customers, but on the contrary, it develops customized systems.

We provide fully integrated reservation and back-office system that covers the end-to-end operations of airline holiday or tour divisions

The company also provides built-in mobile app for airlines to sell holiday packages through mobile without any additional charge. “Our secure architecture supports industry security standards,” says Eyob. “We help our customers to ensure that they are following the internal standards followed by the airline companies.” Besides, Rezgateway also enables airlines to build their own fixed itinerary packages using RezGPackage.

Rezgateway has been successful in steering its clients toward unparalleled success by assisting them to increase their revenue through its solutions. One of Rezgateway’s clients, Avianca Airline’s holiday division operated a single back office system and its access was limited to local customers. Additionally, the airline’s fixed package bookings were operated through an off-line process and only call center bookings were possible for holiday division. “After purchasing an air ticket, the customer was transferred to the holiday division to book other travel products,” says Eyob. Rezgateway enabled them to use fully integrated system wherein all the information was available from a web-based single back office system for both direct and third party contracts. After effective implementation of Rezgateway’s solution, the airline‘s finance system was updated through the API. “Cost per booking was reduced by 60 percent and revenue was increased by 200 percent,” he adds.

After having a well-established portfolio in the industry, Rezgateway is now planning to expand its operations geographically and aiming to help large organizations to increase revenue by cross selling travel products. In addition, the company is also aiming to provide call center and data entry services for airline holiday divisions.


Mesfin Eyob, President & CEO

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