rFactr- Driving Revenue with Social Sales: Doing More with Less

CIO VendorRichard Brasser, CEO
Though social channels are principally utilized for personal connections, as of late these sites have been selected by B2B organizations to engage potential customers earlier in the buying cycle. Since the conduits are open, organizations rush to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and comparable platforms to target potential clients and learn consumer behavior. However, the biggest challenge for firms is selecting the right enterprise communication tool for social network use that will scale with the organization, provide seamless management, and bridge the gap between marketing and sales. “With the rise in usage of social networking for organizations, firms demand a system to manage the use of social and exploit the sales benefits that social can provide. This is where rFactr comes in,” says Richard Brasser, CEO, rFactr.

rFactr provides social business solutions for enterprise clients through their unique tools that empower frontline representatives and amplify sales activities, while delivering valuable intelligence and insights across the social ecosystem. rFactr helps companies easily command their entire sales teams’ use of social to drive incremental revenue while protecting their brand value. “Our solutions have been integrated with SAP tools, so if representatives engage with the buyers online through LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, they are really focused on the sales productivity, returning value,” adds Brasser.

The company’s software product, SocialPort™, is a social communication management system that allows organizations to share content on social platforms, enabling them to grow relationships and accelerate the sales cycle through the lead nurture phase. Users can leverage SocialPort™ to write, schedule, and publish relevant content to build rapport with their social networks while user dashboards track the effectiveness of their social selling activities. “Today’s buyers are empowered with corporate websites, blogs, and social networks to help them make informed decisions, allowing them to rely less on sales teams during the buying process. Top sales performers have recognized this and are leveraging social channels to create more opportunities, nurture leads with content and accelerate the sales process. rFactr partners with clients to scale the best practices of these top performers across the enterprise,” says Julio Viskovich VP of Marketing, rFactr. SocialPort™ is integrated with SAP Cloud for Sales, so there is no need to visit multiple social sites.

Our solutions leverage social sites to create more opportunities, nurture leads with content, and accelerate the sales process into successful client stories

rFactr also provides social sales training that amplifies social selling best practices across the entire organization. The social sales training empowers each individual to create a professional social presence, build meaningful relationships online, and engage in conversations through the sharing of content that has been optimized for social channels. “It is all about getting the content organized and centralized with a dynamic approach to build a productive platform for sharing the content across devices at any place and at anytime. Ours is an external communication system with the client’s network to communicate with the customer’s prospects. Our CRM applications empower the sales representatives to transform a potential lead into a client. The solution helps in managing and identifying the potential customers. SocialPort™ is the Holy Grail for sales executive that literally gives them an unfair advantage,” explains Viskovich.

rFactr has been helping Microsoft partners by providing live and on-demand social sales training to kick-start social sales efforts. The company’s solution also helps with user dashboards to track the effectiveness of the social selling activities and offers easy syndication of content to partner social channels.

The company is fast-growing with the technological evolution and is rolling out solutions for the emerging marketplace. “We are going to be the dominant vendor and solution provider in the SAP industry with the implementation of paramount SAP tools. We are working with top organizations all around the world and now we are moving towards the smaller firms also with better solutions to penetrate in the market,” concludes Brasser.


Charlotte, NC

Richard Brasser, CEO

Provides social sales platform and integrated training that prepares sales representatives to engage in conversations with clients.