RFaxis: Bridging the RF Gap Across Wireless Platforms

Mike Neshat, CEO
The Internet of Things (IoT) is driving the world toward a place where myriad consumer goods have the ability to sense and communicate: welcome to age of the Internet of everything. The semiconductor industry is a driving force of this new age, and is well-positioned to accelerate IoT’s momentum – as long as the industry embraces innovation and moves beyond traditional business models.

One company addressing the potentially huge IoT market is Irvine, Calif. based RFaxis, which is focused on addressing the wireless connectivity piece of the IoT market, providing device makers with its RF Front-end Integrated Circuit (RFeIC) products and technology. RFaxis CEO Mike Neshat notes that the company’s core mission is “to secure a good user experience by establishing a solid wireless link regardless of the available connectivity sources, be it Wi-Fi, ZigBee, or Bluetooth.” The company’s disruptive technologies and RFeIC architecture integrate critical functions such as high efficiency linear power and low noise amplifiers and antenna switches into a single-chip, single-die, complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) device.

Most of today’s companies that specialize in Radio Frequency (RF) technology and products use exotic and expensive materials like gallium arsenide or silicon germanium to deliver high performing semiconductor devices. RFaxis has differentiated itself by designing and manufacturing its products in pure CMOS, which results in the low cost with superior performance that device makers are demanding for their cost-effective IoT products. “A cost-effective IC solution is the most critical component for optimum utilization of IoT in the wireless connectivity space,” said Neshat. “Our customers expect three things from our solutions: performance, integration and cost. RFaxis delivers in these three critical areas with our single-chip/single-die CMOS RFeIC solutions,” he adds.

RFaxis’ family of solutions address a full spectrum of wireless platforms requiring minimal components for system implementation while reducing end-product costs. Typical high power applications of CMOS circuits include home and industrial automation, ZigBee Smart Power, IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ac + Bluetooth, smartphones, and consumer electronics.

A cost-effective IC solution is the most critical component for optimum utilization of IoT in the wireless connectivity space

RFaxis provides its solutions for IoT or Smartphone wireless products to a number of the world’s most well-known manufacturers including Philips, Motorola, and VTech. The company’s latest innovation, RFX2401C, is a fully integrated single chip, which features RF functionality needed for IEEE 802.15.4/ ZigBee. RFX2401C is the connectivity found in the dance pads of the popular video game series, ‘Dance Dance Revolution’/ Classroom Edition.

RFaxis has also developed RF front-end reference designs that extend the ‘reach and capabilities’ of Silicon Labs, a founding member of Thread Group. “We are pleased with RFaxis chipset reference designs that provide our mutual customers with fully integrated and cost-effective RF front-ends to meet the needs of a wide variety of products in the connected home,” says Greg Fyke, Director of Marketing for IoT Wireless Products at Silicon Labs. RFX2401C, which is similar to that of gallium arsenide products in functionality and performance, delivered front-end processes to Silicon Labs at a fraction of gallium arsenide’s cost.
The company will further collaborate with Silicon Labs to support IoT and smart home market initiatives, providing its RFX2411 product with antenna diversity capability. RFX2411 is designed for use in 2.4GHz ISM band, which is ideal for applications that require extended range, receive sensitivity, and bandwidth. RFX2411 is also on the reference design of GreenPeak, a leader in RF communications for wireless connected home appliances.

Leveraging CMOS along with its own innovative approaches and patented technologies, RFaxis is set to meet the upcoming trends in LED lighting smart market segment. Neshat concluded, “With best-in-class engineers with expertise in both traditional gallium arsenide processes as well as CMOS, RFaxis is taking a global leadership position in addressing the needs of a growing and lucrative IoT market.”


Irvine, CA

Mike Neshat, CEO

RFaxis is focused to address the wireless connectivity quotient of the IoT and RF Frontend Integrated Circuit (RFeIC)