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Justin Ullman, CEO
One hundred years ago, “Business Process Management” (BPM) and “content management” were terms rarely used, if ever, by executives around the world. Today, these business categories have become an operational necessity for high growth companies, evolving through the aid of technology. RhinoDox, a business process automation and enterprise content management solutions company based in Chicago, has also evolved since 1913 from a documents warehouse and management services company to providing businesses with the most technologically advanced cloud-based solutions available in the market today.

An End to Chasing People and Paper

“Our workflow solutions create value by enabling our customers to devote their time and manpower to working on initiatives that generate results, and grow the company without adding headcount or relying on IT for programming. Customers avoid shepherding manual processes and other non-growth oriented activities,” explains Justin Ullman, CEO, RhinoDox. “No business needs their staff spending valuable time chasing people and paper. Our configurable solutions allow customers access to any information at any time, in an even more meaningful way.”

Thanks to an endless stream of technology innovation, business-focused applications have proliferated to help generate revenue and/ or increase efficiency. However, as adoption increases, the data or information is being scattered across multiple systems. This problem is at the core of what RhinoDox solves for customers every day, by integrating best in class platforms such as MarkLogic and K2. “Every year there are better, faster technology solutions, with a lower price tag,” says Ullman. “Our job is to create configurable solutions utilizing the latest tools that truly empower our customers.”

Listening and Providing Custom Solutions

Not many companies can claim they’ve been in business for over one hundred years, and even though RhinoDox’s offerings have changed, they’ve held fast to one major strategy: listening to their customers. “We understand that ‘boxed’ solutions don’t work, therefore we maintain on-going discussions with our clients to determine the best ways for our services to evolve,” explains Ullman. “This approach helps our clients, and us, avoid the high-risk scenario of investing money in processes and platforms that have no lasting impact.”

For over 100 years, we have successfully evolved and grown with our customers by listening and understanding both their current and future needs in business process and content management

After years of listening to the customer’s challenges, RhinoDox also created a dynamic search, retrieval, and storage engine that allows businesses to effectively search across their enterprise and the internet, without regard to the number of systems or applications in place. “Think of it as an internal Google-like search engine, customized to ensure our customers are in control of accessing their information wherever it resides, whenever they need it,” stated Ullman.

Standing Out from the Crowd

Business Process Management(BPM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) are highly competitive categories. In order to stand out from the ever-growing crowd, RhinoDox is committed to offering the most advanced technological solutions supported by a three-pronged strategy to serve clients focused on departmental control, “on-demand” speed, and significant cost savings.

“We all know interesting things are happening with big data and analytics,” says Ullman. “Our approach has no ceiling on what our clients can do with documents, data and content; now or in the future. Combined with better workflow, forms, powerful internal analytics and search, companies can make better decisions with better information.”

As RhinoDox continues to innovate, Ullman noted he and his employees will continue to focus not only on technology and tools, but also on the people who help the company thrive; “BPM is about change, which people don’t naturally gravitate towards,” he explains. “Our job is to make sure the tools, implementation, and stakeholder training, makes changes so seamless and exciting that growth is inevitable. What we do is so much more than technology. It’s people helping people, and that’s what we’re great at.”


Chicago, IL

Justin Ullman, CEO

RhinoDox delivers unprecedented control over business systems, putting the power of global search, content management, and workflow automation back into a clients hands