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Saket Pabby, Founder and CEO
Managing a growing client base, meeting revenue goals, and making smarter pricing decisions faster, is on every enterprises’ priority list. In today’s age of digitization, businesses need to embrace modern technological innovations to optimize the revenue and profitability of a business.

Not billing or under-billing the customers, sub-optimized pricing, ad-hoc discounting structures, insufficient rigor applied to billing, inefficient cash collection and fraudulent activities, cause billing inefficiencies, revenue leakages, and loss of cross- selling and up-selling opportunities.

RIA Advisory, a business and technology advisory consultancy with extensive experience and expertise in Oracle Revenue Management and Billing, enables companies to address these challenges by providing technology-based solutions and consultations.

RIA Advisory LLC was founded by Saket Pabby as a Niche firm specializing in Revenue Management. Before starting RIA Advisory, Saket served in a leadership role at Oracle Corp, where he was responsible for the growth of Oracle Revenue Management and Billing (ORMB) product footprint globally. During his stint at Oracle, Saket successfully launched ORMB in four new verticals: Banking, CapitalMarkets, Payment Services, and Healthcare. Saket is recognized as an industry innovator and one of the most knowledgeable individuals in the revenue management domain across industry verticals.

RIA enables companies to enhance, extend, implement, and transform their revenue management systems to increase business efficiencies and have a positive impact on their bottom-line.

The management team at RIA Advisory has deep product and implementation expertise in ORMB. The company has more ORMB experts than any other firm, and RIA Advisory is formed by the founders of ORMB business at Oracle. Apart from ORMB, RIA also has a strong team of technology experts in the area of CC&B (ORMB’s sister product), AI, Big Data, Analytics, and ML. These experts add the layer of modernization to the solutions that the company builds. The RIA team understands the nuances and key revenue management challenges for multiple industries like the healthcare, insurance, utilities and financial services allowing them to come up with unique solutions – quickly and easily.
Saket Pabby - Founder and CEO of RIA Advisory believes, RIA has applied industry best practices to develop robust tools and accelerators for faster onboarding, quicker and more accurate data migration, bill comparisons, system healthchecks, reporting, and document presentation. These reporting tools provide custom reports and actionable insights for users to help them make more informed decisions. The document management tools allow the creation and distribution of content in a variety of formats. Using these accelerators and tools, companies can significantly reduce implementation costs and data management complexities.

While tasks such as pricing and billing contribute significantly to the sphere of revenue management, they also require voluminous information to derive meaningful insights out of data. Managed inefficiently, these vital tasks can begin to feel like an avalanche

RIA, with its core philosophy of Recognize, Innovate, Accelerate, has enabled the world’s leading organizations achieve their business transformation goals with speed, ease, and financial viability.

Adhering to the standards of SOC1 & 2 and ISO27001, RIA has assured a safe IT internal control environment. In one of the client engagements, RIA helped a large insurance adjuster services company, with 15,000+ insurance adjusters, implement ORMB to improve their revenue lifecycle management processes and generate bills easily. After implementing ORMB, they are able to vastly automate their processes and complete the billing and adjuster payout tasks efficiently in a short amount of time.

“Such journeys may involve complex execution due to data issues, scaling, testing complexities and upstream and downstream integrations. We have the products, tools and accelerators that reduce implementation risks and have the ability to deliver business results in a shorter timeframe with the modern interactions that our customer’s customers have come to expect.” concludes Mr. Pabby.

RIA Advisory

Coral Gables, FL

Saket Pabby, Founder and CEO

RIA Advisory LLC (RIA) is a business advisory and technology company that specializes in the field of Revenue Management and Billing for Banking, Payments, Capital Markets, Exchanges, Utilities, Healthcare, and Insurance industry verticals. With a team of highly qualified and experienced individuals, RIA is the trusted advisors for clients across several technology platforms. Moreover, RIA’s experts and professionals have extensive experience in revenue lifecycle management, helping companies achieve their business transformation goals with speed, ease, and financial viability

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