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Mark Tarbet, President
Audiovisual technology is transforming the overall broadcasting and communication experience of organizations across sectors by relaying information in an interactive manner. These systems are witnessing extensive use, especially today because the COVID-19 pandemic has forced employees to work remotely. Also growing in significance among SMBs is the use of audiovisual technology integrated with production systems as they try to expand their audience via streaming of live and recorded events. As a result, the current marketplace is witnessing a rising need for AV and lighting systems capable of delivering impactful experiences.

Addressing this burgeoning need with its state-of-the-art AV solutions capable of seamlessly integrating with theatrical and production systems is Texas-based Ridge AV. Having been in the industry for seven years, Ridge AV is a commercial systems integrator offering audio, video, and lighting systems to the education sector, businesses, and churches. The company’s solutions create environments that help clients communicate and collaborate more effectively.

Ridge AV is a multidisciplinary company capable of integrating audio, video, lighting and control systems, from design to installation and after-sales support. “We are a vetted systems solution provider with in-depth knowledge about the industry that helps eliminate the technical challenges for customers,” explains Mark Tarbet, president, Ridge AV.

While many competitors offer rental equipment, producing events, or rigging concert venues, Ridge AV is solely focused on its objective of implementing AV systems to meet the clients’ demands. This is accomplished by a highly diverse team that uses engineering and designing skills to develop the most suitable solution. The expert team then proceeds to install the solution and system integration tools, along with providing after-sales support and troubleshooting.

Ridge AV’s multidisciplinary approach makes it a one-stop solution for the customer base and propels it as one of the distinguished solution providers in the market.

Representing over 150 manufacturers, the company has a wide variety of products and solutions to work with. Some of these include video walls, video-conferencing codecs, speakers, amps, architectural and theatrical lighting, digital signage, and cameras for churches, businesses, and higher education.
Such a range of offerings allows the company to focus on a solution that offers the best performance at the most optimum value. These product offerings can be used in a variety of application areas, such as presentation systems for office spaces, meetings, and conference rooms for seamless business communications. Ridge AV specializes in delivering systems for auditorium, meeting, and multipurpose spaces in churches.

In addition, Ridge AV is also adept at designing and developing AV systems from the ground up and customizing it based on client needs. It also offers a single point of accountability for owners, which many find attractive. While other players in the market tend to lowball a bid in order to win it and then hit the customer with change orders to reach the objectives, Ridge AV is dedicated to achieving project milestones and sticking to the proposed budget, outranking their counterparts in the market.

We are a vetted systems solution provider with in-depth knowledge about the industry that helps eliminate the technical challenges for customers

Tarbet recounts one of the success stories wherein Ridge AV designed a world-class audiovisual system for a church. As an effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, when the church wanted to conduct an online event with high-quality content and reach out to a bigger audience, they approached Ridge AV. Tarbet’s team then designed and installed a broadcast-grade production system that the church used to stay connected to its members during the lock-down. Evidently enough, the online audience grew by 350 percent, thus retaining old viewers and attracting new ones in the process.

Looking toward the future, Ridge AV plans to tap into the evolving technology and innovations to empower users with more tools at lower costs. The company also wants to leverage the ever-expanding opportunities in the church and education sector and grow the business by acquiring more clients. With vast experience in the industry and a proven track record, Ridge AV is all set to maximize the benefits of its offerings and extend the client footprint.

Ridge AV

Cedar Park, TX

Mark Tarbet, President

Ridge AV designs and installs AV Systems that are dependable and provide you with exceptional quality so that you can stay focused on delivering your message.

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