RightChain: Industry Leading Supply Chain Capabilities Accelerator

Dr. Ed Frazelle, President & CEO
According to Dr. Ed Frazelle, RightChain’s founder and current CEO, closing the gap between the supply chains’ capabilities and their complexities ultimately determines the success or failure for players in the logistics landscape. It was this much-needed reform that prompted Dr. Ed Frazelle, a supply chain consulting, education, and analytics industry veteran to lay the cornerstone for RightChain™. The brainchild of Frazelle, RightChain, provides the necessary analytics, methodology, and education for organizations to build robust and high-performing supply chains, enabling them to manage the intricate relationships between suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and consumers. This approach lets the organizations optimize the delivery of goods, information, and services from the supplier to consumer, and balance the supply-and-demand equation.

“RightChain is an accelerator of supply chain capabilities as it provides analytics, and education alongside AI optimization and pattern recognition of big data sets to eliminate non-value added complexity and to optimize the use of assets, service levels, and inventory levels,” explains Frazelle. RightChain’s strategy effectively deals with several enterprise level challenges including lower gross margins, profits, customer service ratings and price competitiveness. RightChain’s optimization algorithms can efficiently handle the domains of inventory, sourcing, transportation, warehousing, and customer service. The company’s cloud-based platform, the RightChain Portal, integrates all the capabilities in a single user interface including the analytics, benchmarking, network optimization, inventory optimization, and plotting optimization of warehouses along with the material handling.

Frazelle firmly believes in providing people the necessary management skills, and education through the principles, tradeoffs, and analytical decisions necessary in the field. The RightChain curriculum, the industry’s longest-running series of supply chain seminars developed by him in 1991 is an attempt in that direction. With a systematic approach that begins with simplification, optimization, and then proceeds to the education, their solution is progressive for their customers. “Every supply chain decision impacts the financial performance, service performance, and the operational performance in an organization.

RightChain is an accelerator of supply chain capabilities as it provides analytics, and education alongside AI optimization and pattern recognition of big data sets

One of our differentiators is that all of our optimizations consider all three at the same time,” asserts Frazelle.

Besides being an educator and a consultant, Frazelle is also the author of several books on inventory, and supply chain strategies. With the recent addition to The RightChain library, Supply Chain Strategy, published by McGraw-Hill, his second edition of the later, features case studies and strategies to help companies meet market demands, and goals. The book helps people to understand and imbibe the latest innovations, including integrated large-scale supply chain planning, optimization, real-time visibility, command and control centers, big-data analytics, and fourth-party logistics into their management process to maximize the output.

RightChain recently launched a joint venture with UPS creating “RightChain™ | Delivered by UPS.” The primary focus of the venture is to help customers overcome their own supply chain complexity gaps by combining the best of the best. One is a global leader in logistics infrastructure, known for its breadth and depth of supply chain resources, and the other with over 30 years of evolved experience in supply chain industry, for its supply chain intelligence.

RightChain continues to evolve by providing the right tools for decision making, and the strategies needed for businesses to be consistent with the education by bringing more and more capabilities into the supply chain matrix. The company’s solutions efficiently reform highly complex supply chains through its adaptive algorithms, curriculum, methodology, and optimization strategy, making RightChain, the right chain solution indeed.


Atlanta, GA

Dr. Ed Frazelle, President & CEO

The company provides the analytics, methodology, education, and consulting to develop and manage supply chains