RightITnow: A New Paradigm in IT Management Operations

Marc Ferrie, CEO
Modern day CIOs need to embrace cloud technology as well as leverage the existing tools, already implemented in the data centers of organizations while streamlining the resources required for achieving these goals. Headquartered in San Ramon, CA, RightITnow is providing the Event Correlation Manager (ECM) platform, allowing organizations to explore and utilize cloud solutions while leveraging the existing monitoring solutions. “We deploy native connectors to various platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), VMware, Solarwinds, Nagios and present them in a unified display,” begins Marc Ferrie, Founder and CEO, RightITnow. ECM consists of features such as workflow and people management facilities, allowing IT organizations to manage their Network Operations Center (NOC) resources and assess their recruiting requirements based on actual workload data.

RightITnow’s mission is to simplify the way IT operations are being managed today. The company has established certain key practices in the IT arena. These features include—streamlining the design of the product to make it simple to use along with providing cost-effective solutions to automate alert management and resource optimization. RightITnow monitors various technological trends, integrating cloud solutions and combining them with organizations’ existing resolutions, which are present in the corporations’ data centers. “We are at the core of server technology innovations that includes public, private, and hybrid cloud initiatives in a seamless and economical way,” mentions Ferrie. “All of these are managed through our ECM product that deploys native connectors to capture, aggregate and process the events from multiple sources.” In addition, RightITnow assists organizations’ in utilizing big data technology which is critical to surface hidden trends within the millions of alerts processed on a daily basis. ECM incorporates technology to display historical trends within the NOC operational dashboards as well as provides mechanisms to feed IT data warehouses.

Being a Web 2.0 Manager of Managers (MoM) solution, ECM provides multi-source event correlation software, optimizing IT operations and supporting predictable SLA-based services. The platform displays operational and historical dashboards with a comprehensive view of organizations’ data center and staff workload.

We are at the core of server technology innovations that includes public, private and hybrid cloud initiatives in an seamless and economical way

“We also provide extensive workflow options and bridge the gap between IT operations and service helpdesk offering tight integration with ServiceNow, Zendesk, BMC Remedy, Salesforce Service Cloud, and ManageEngine,” notes Ferrie.

RightITnow holds a track record of empowering clients to successfully manage their business operations and is well-equipped to change the way IT processes are being administered across industry verticals with their ECM platform. In one such instance, a large system integrator’s initial deployment of monitoring tools did not allow for true scalability as each element manager reported via email to their ServiceDesk. Furthermore, introduction of a new element manager required additional staff to manage the increase in alert triage and manual incident creation. It also required the organization to re-train the Servicedesk for understanding the new alert format. The organization approached RightITnow who provided them with ECM solution that allowed the client to abstract the Servicedesk from the element managers and ensure all alerts were delivered to them in a standard form. The integration with the Incident Management tool via the connector delivered with ECM allowed the organization to automate the creation of incidents reducing the load on the Servicedesk, thereby allowing them to deliver cost effective improvements.

The company’s proactive 24x7 support and integration of customer feedback has proven to be of much value for customers. Surging ahead, RightITnow plans on providing a highly distributed solution against an even larger number of monitoring solutions while exploring actionable big data applications and expanding their mobile presence beyond the iPhone ECM application.


London, UK

Marc Ferrie, CEO

RightITnow's ECM software aggregates, filters and correlates infrastructure and application events into actionable alerts