RiskBusiness International: Designing Industry Leading ERM Solutions

Mike Finlay, CEO
In this era of constant digitalization of business activities, organizations have to continually keep pace with technological evolutions resulting in change of existing framework, leading to security threats. There are new issues in the cyber security landscape such as cyber espionage and cyber terrorism that are constantly challenging business growth. Meanwhile, developing technologies also affect the regulatory environment with different forms of privacy laws coming into play in different jurisdiction, often conflicting with each other. Therefore, in totality the environment is becoming demanding for a CIO who has to look at all the aspects equally for the organization to prosper. Addressing these business risks, improving business process efficiency, quality and consistency is UK based RiskBusiness International. RiskBusiness is an international risk advisory firm specializing in the design and delivery of industry leading operational and enterprise risk management (ERM) solutions.

“Risk management is an evolving discipline, which has grown in close parallel with the business exercises of the financial services industry,” says Mike Finlay, CEO, RiskBusiness International. Additionally, the company provides insurance structuring and risk transfer, internal and public loss data, taxonomy translation, risk and control registering, and loss data consortium services. The firm caters to banks, insurance, brokerage, regulators, technology, and developmental aid and agricultural companies. “We have small bespoke teams of people who are experts in what they do,” adds Finlay. The RiskBusiness team consists of seasoned industry players who have proven experience in designing, implementing, and maintaining leading risk practices. For example, an organization looking for information security will get a consultant that was previously involved in the intelligence community.

RiskBusiness has developed a range of products and services for its clients that facilitate the management and measurement of operational risk within an enterprise risk environment. The company partners with clients to align stakeholders, review and evaluate existing risk architecture, design customized content specific to their needs, provide risk tools and design, pilot and implement enhanced risk programs. RiskBusiness also provides taxonomies and integrated classification structures, designed to facilitate the successful adoption of risk solutions by business management and to enable the integration of governance, risk, and compliance management.
“We do not advocate a single off the shelf solution that will meet everyone’s requirements out of the box. Each solution is designed carefully keeping in mind the client’s requirements, then integrated into the organizational workflow” explains Finlay. The company is presently working with three big organizations placed within the 50 biggest banks of the World, assisting each with their three lines of defense model. Nevertheless, it is pertinent to mention that each of the projects is different from the other, with RiskBusiness designing three different models with unique principles according to the need of each organization. The company also helps firms who either have an existing model for risk management or looking for one to be integrated into their systems, by designing solutions and providing training for the same. Another field of work the company specializes in is classification libraries. The solution provider helps firms build clear concise unambiguous classification structures that can be used for risk identification, risk assessment, data assessment, and data analysis.

Risk management today is far to reactive and needs to transition to proactive analysis, interpretation and decision recommendation based on a vast array of available data

RiskBusiness provides structured methods of assessing the risk profile of the organization on an ongoing basis and then to determine what action (if any) is required. “The majority of our solutions are driven by client requirement and by market developments. We regularly host workshops all around the world where clients and business partners participate and discuss trends,” delineates Finlay. “We want to make greater use of intelligent information to ensure that firms make proactive decisions instead of reactive decision,” concludes Finlay.

RiskBusiness International

West Midlands, UK

Mike Finlay, CEO

Provider of operational and enterprise risk management solutions.