RiskQual: Healthcare Risk/Quality Management Made Simpler

Estee Wichterich, President
Today, quality in healthcare has drawn widespread attention around the world. The rising healthcare costs, multifaceted patient care system, and shifting policies require healthcare providers to scrutinize their actions and drive operational excellence to remain viable. However, healthcare providers realize that traditional approaches to addressing quality functions are no longer competent to provide a broad scope of actions and engagements. With a mission to fill this gap, RiskQual provides the Healthcare Advisor Series (HAS) risk/quality management software solution that allows providers to stay on the pulse of risk/quality events to proactively manage outcomes and implement measures for performance improvement and patient safety.

Risk is more than just a potential fiscal impact; it requires addressing patient safety as the main priority. Estee Wichterich, president of RiskQual, says, “This is what sets us apart from other quality software providers.” RiskQual’s undeviating focus in the healthcare sector with state-of-the-art systems alongside excellent support services makes us a trusted choice among health care providers. RiskQual partners with clients to provide both a technology and business solution.

RiskQual’s HAS system is comprised of integrated modules including Risk Advisor, Patient Relations Advisor, Quality Advisor, Claims Advisor, and Workers’ Compensation Advisor. The data analysis in HAS™ allows the organization to identify trends in risk and quality events, implement improvement activities through investigation and root cause analysis and identify opportunities for improvement to enhance performance and patient safety.

When it comes to delivering value-based care, Wichterich notes that patients’ needs and expectations have changed considerably and therefore, as a complement to establish a sound patient safety initiative, the HAS system’s risk and quality advisor modules place the power of proactive monitoring and auditing in the hands of the organization’s management team to make informed decisions.

The HAS software also tracks complaints, grievances, compliments and feedback collected during patient rounding. This allows the patient advocates staying current on day-to-day issues related to patient satisfaction and run analyses to identify and rectify reoccurring concerns.

HAS’ Quality Advisor allows healthcare entities to carry out uninterrupted monitoring and auditing of the care provided to the patient population

The HAS Claims Module provides the claims manager with the ability to track the event to claim process including investigation and litigation activities as well as financials tracking. The Workers’ Compensation Advisor module facilitates tracking employee related events as well as lost time and subsequent associated financials.

Describing the distinctiveness of HAS, Wichterich explains how the software’s ability to be fully configured is key to its success in empowering the users to address their organization’s specific requirements. The HAS software is utilized in various different types of healthcare facilities including hospitals, outpatient, long term care/ hospice, insurance and physician groups, and correctional facilities. In the latter, which has different requirements, Wichterich mentions, “While healthcare quality is challenging in itself, managing services for correctional entities can be even more arduous.” One such provider configured the HAS software to implement its specific quality studies and event reporting requirements. As a result, it is able to continuously measure the effectiveness of their risk/quality program and assess improvement activities necessary to improve patient safety on an ongoing basis.

It is, thus, evident that “continuous improvement approaches” to quality management are vital to healthcare providers. RiskQual’s HAS software provides a fully configurable and scalable tool that meets their constantly changing requirements. “Our central focus is our clients, who dictate our products’ existing features and its future success. Through user feedback and ongoing support, we continue to enhance our products and services so that they stay viable within the healthcare risk/quality management industry,” concludes Wichterich.


Pembroke Pines, FL

Estee Wichterich, President

Offers a software solution, HAS that provides comprehensive risk, claims, and quality and workers’ compensation modules for the healthcare industry