RiSOLVE Technologies: Holistic Solutions through Epicor ERP Systems

Ritesh Gangadharan, MD
The biggest challenge for IT departments within Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) is to provide services similar to those offered by large organizations, using limited resources and budgets. Coming to the aid of these SMEs is RiSOLVE Technologies, a Dubai based provider of business software solutions. RiSOLVE has been delivering assistance in overcoming these challenges by leveraging its rapid deployment methodology for cutting down on implementation time and realizing cost savings.

The firm is an authorized Gold Partner reseller and service provider for Epicor ERP, HRM and CRM. As part of their collaboration with Epicor, RiSOLVE ensures that, all their medium and large clients around Middle East, Europe, India and Africa, are able to implement, upgrade or migrate and train on Epicor ERP/HRM/CRM software solutions.

As part of their collaboration with Epicor, RiSOLVE focuses on Epicor ERP E10 Application, Epicor ERP HCM Application, Epicor iScala 3.0 implementation and Epicor Solution Upgrades. For example, Epicor ERP solution provides the choice, flexibility, agility and opportunity throughout the client business for further growth. The experienced consulting team at RiSOLVE is continuously working towards exploiting Epicor ERP functionality to ensure delivery of end-to-end solutions as per the client requirements. Further, RiSOLVE, through the Epicor portal, ensures that organizational data is made easily accessible. As a result, effective decision making is empowered that in turn drives organizations towards better strategies.

Additionally, RiSOLVE delivers expertise in a recent product from Epicor, the new Epicor Social Enterprise (ESE). ESE leverages the social media concepts like #hashtags and reposting, thereby fostering business collaboration amongst its ERP users. Also, ESE provides organizations the ability to collaborate around orders, customers, suppliers, projects and other objects within the ERP. Bringing the collaborative elements together helps in delivering quicker information exchanges with clear traceability. A customer can now track an order from a lead to payment collection status either via ESE or a Portal solution.

Within a short time span, RiSOLVE has acquired extensive industry experience and technical expertise in Epicor ERP Systems.
Several firms across industries have leveraged their expertise in deploying expert solutions. For instance, the firm’s consultants are certified for iScala solutions as well. Epicor iScala is a business solution developed for global divisions of international firms as well as large local or regional companies with high possibilities for significant cross-border trading requirements. In addition, RiSOLVE is capable of tackling the implementation of E10 modules as per the requirements of the business processes of enterprises.

RiSOLVE was reliant on this knowledge while migrating a key Fabricated Metals customer from iScala to Epicor E9 as per the requirements. The experience with RiSOLVE encouraged the clients to consider a move to Epicor’s new gen flagship solution E10. This solution is expected to be scaled up beyond their offices in the UAE and rolled out to the Indian Sub-continent also.

A key component of RiSOLVE’s success is its ability to target the SME sector with specialized solutions to suit the operational needs of organizations. “RiSOLVE’s unique implementation methodology allows us to create a value proposition that is most preferred by clients. In-order to accelerate its growth, we are also looking to establish an SBU that will solely focus on leveraging this proficiency across the Epicor partner network in the region and beyond” explains Ritesh Gangadharan, Managing Director, RiSOLVE Technologies.

RiSOLVE’s unique implementation methodology allows us to create a value proposition that is most preferred by clients

In the imminent future, RiSOLVE aims to consolidate its presence in the Middle East region following the operational success of its SBU. The other plans revolve around expanding its outreach in the African subcontinent as well as making its presence felt in the global marketplace.

RiSOLVE Technologies

Dubai, UAE

Ritesh Gangadharan, MD

RiSOLVE, as a software solution provider, works across domains including Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, Oil and Gas services by providing CRM, Sales, Finance, SCM, Production, Planning and Scheduling, Project, Maintenance and HCM.