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Jeff Safovich, Head of Product and Innovation
Not so long ago, an experienced data center team could upgrade a data center infrastructure by simply planning changes on a sophisticated spreadsheet. In the current age of increased interoperability,the number of changes are too big, and the frequency of those changes is accelerating exponentially, while the complexity involved in each change continues to grow. As a result, the best practices of the yesteryears are deemed inefficient and detrimental to the progress of an organization. And, CIOs from leading companies are struggling to make the entire data management future-proof. They are exploring solutions to automate data center operations, which take into account the predictions pertaining to the future demands, needs, challenges, and requirements of the end-users. In congruence with these necessities, Israel-based RiT Tech has established an approach called universal intelligent infrastructure management (UIIM) as the foundation for the development of its products and solutions tailored to overhaul infrastructure management functions. “We believe that in order to be effective an infrastructure management has to be both universal and intelligent,” states Jeff Safovich, Head of Product and Innovation of RiT Tech.

UIIM for data centers is similar to GPS navigation software for driving. Universally, GPS aggregates and maintains data relevant to roads and traffic information. While the technology narrows down a user’s location to a set of coordinates on the way, the intelligence built into the solution is required to be contextually aware of the surroundings to provide the best possible route to commuters. RiT Tech’s approach to infrastructure management is very reminiscent of such versatility. The company’s XpedITe solution collects all the data pertaining to a facility, hardware components at use, and connectivity requirements, in order to provide intelligence and guidance for efficient management of information while empowering its clients to manage their data centers efficiently.

In any particular deployment, RiT Tech begins with the integration phase where the solution is implemented inside a client’s data center environment to communicate with all the legacy third-party systems as well as facility and IT assets, customer facing solutions including billing and CRM, building management system, maintenance system, or lifecycle management system. The XpedITe solution gathers both the historical and the current data, performing analytics automatically. Consequently, XpedITe understands the data center topology, the connections between all the assets, and the interdependencies between multiple infrastructure layers. Once XpedITe aggregates all the necessary data, it applies intelligent assistance for the entire operation management. The solution provides federated assets monitoring capabilities such that the central management team has better control over visibility, health, electromechanical data, connectivity, and resource utilization.

We believe that any infrastructure management has to be both universal and intelligent

XpedITe then guides the data center team in change planning and optimizes resource utilization while enabling higher operational efficiency to achieve better system availability and reduced cost of ownership. XpedITe also manages the ongoing data center orchestration of the managed processes and workflows while automatically applying the necessary organizational policies to all procedures as per a company’s alignment toward governance, compliance, and security requirements.

For instance, Bezeq International, the leading internet provider in Israel and the only telecom player with direct ownership of a submarine cable connecting Israel to Europe, was looking to expand and support an increase of their colocation services customers. Their challenge was an out-of-date and basic DCIM system, hindering the commercial goals of the company. RiT Tech worked with the Bezeq commercial, engineering, and technology teams to install its state-of-the-art XpedITe system and provide all departments with the tools they needed to make accurate decisions remotely and quickly. RiT Tech carried out full integration to provide all departments with comprehensive data center management functions, bringing together facility, IT, sales, management as well as clients teams. “We believe that it might be the first of its kind solution for data center operation management integrated with CRM,” adds Safovich. Additionally, Bezeq clients’ end-users got access to Colocation Customer Portal, provisioning greater visibility and control of the leased assets.

Since its inception, RiT Tech has been a trailblazer in the industry with exemplary IT infrastructure management and connectivity solutions, having registered over ten patents in the time period. In the midst of the 90’s, the company pioneered and established the Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM)solution and came up with its XpedITe platform, a best-in-class DCIM solution in 2017. Forging ahead, RiT Tech aims to consistently develop its universal intelligent infrastructure management functions to future-proof its client’s business infrastructure. The company is currently working with professors from leading universities to add their predictive provisioning capabilities. “Our solution will be able to offer problem mitigation even before any issue appears, which is extremely valuable,” adds Safovich. Recently, RiT Tech joined forces with SDIA to realize its vision of establishing a sustainable digital infrastructure. The firm is very much focused not only on helping its clients achieve their business goals and make their operations more efficient but also on building a globally sustainable digital infrastructure together with SDIA and its clients.

RiT Tech

Kfar Saba, Israel

Jeff Safovich, Head of Product and Innovation

Headquartered in Israel, RiT Tech is a leading provider of data center infrastructure management (DCIM), hybrid digital infrastructure management (HDIM), and connectivity solutions for over 30 years.The company’s XpedITe solution collects all the data pertaining to a facility, hardware components at use, and connectivity requirements, in order to provide intelligence and guidance for efficient management of information while empowering its clients to manage their data centersefficiently

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