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Brandon Skinner, CEO
The constant struggle to adapt to the evolution of the payments ecosystem has forced organizations to partner with multiple vendors to support each payment method, increasing the complexity of running their core business. In addition, the burden of transaction fees with every electronic payment is also negatively impacting business’ bottom-lines while increasing the internal business complexities. Presenting simplicity to this complex world of payments, Riverside Payments rises as the go-to merchant service provider, empowering businesses with the guarantee of low transaction rates and every mode of electronic payments including POS systems, hardware, mobile processing, ATM, gift cards, online payments, and e-commerce.

Focused on delivering an omnichannel approach, Riverside Payments enables a seamless experience, all the way from onboarding clients, identifying key areas of savings, to setting up new payment methods. Riverside begins this journey by learning about their client’s business and identifying major pain points from a billing and hardware standpoint. Based on the acquired information, the company then takes a proactive path in building custom programs for each client and helping them stay ahead of the technological curve with the latest payment technologies. This unique approach to payment allows Riverside to provide clients with the lowest rates, the highest level of security, and an award-winning customer service. “From EMV to biometric, we offer hardware for every type of payment technology,” affirms Brandon Skinner, CEO of Riverside Payments.

Riverside is best known for its white glove approach while delivering their services. Following every client onboarding, Riverside assigns a client success manager who assists clients in every step of the business and proactively assesses the company’s quality control policies. Riverside also prides itself on providing top-of-the-class support options through text, emails, and social media.
On a quest to be known as the "World's Best Merchant Service Provider,” Riverside further assists clients with website designing, SEO, social media, and branding services to strengthen their online presence and gain market share. “We talk to clients and other industry experts and make sure that we communicate, listen, and absorb. That’s how Riverside adapts and keeps on innovating,” explains Skinner.

From EMV to biometric, we offer hardware for every type of payment technology

Illustrating his company's modus operandi, Skinner recalls an instance wherein Mojave Grill and Cantina’s owner, Betty Cantu, was referred to Riverside by a business owner to simplify her payment needs. Betty had partnered with three different companies for payment processing, gift cards, and POS systems. Riverside took over and uncovered new areas of additional savings while providing a new gift card and POS system. The company streamlined the payment process and has been able to save over $300 in every statement, allowing Betty to reinvest in other business avenues. Mojave Grill and Cantina has also been provided with a dedicated phone number for real-time text and calls support.

Staying ahead of the technological curve, Riverside Payments maintains strong partnerships with reputed companies possessing advanced solutions in the payment arena and an excellent reputation for customer service. The company also ensures that all of their clients are chip card compliant to embrace the rising trend of cashless transactions. As a part of the expansion, Riverside is planning to expand their service areas in the US, from 43 states to 50 states. The company will also set up three new permanent offices across the country to have a local presence in each time zone. Following the expansion in the US, Riverside envisions extending its merchant services globally, starting with Canada.

Riverside Payments

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Brandon Skinner, CEO

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