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Joe Noll, President
Every year, in anticipation of the race season, Roush Yates Engines (RYE) in Mooresville, North Carolina, builds engines for top-level race teams around the world. RYE is the exclusive engine builder for all Ford’s National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) teams, driving innovation in motorsports market and equipment manufacturing. This means that at any given point in time, RYE tracks and evaluates more than a million discrete parts for engine builds.

RYE was using an older version of Sage 500 and due to the complicated nature of their inventory system, they desperately needed an upgrade. However, given their scale, they knew that the transformation wouldn’t be possible without a technology partner. During their search for a solutions provider, the engine-maker was consistently referred to one name in the industry— RKL eSolutions. With their deep expertise in Sage solutions as well as Sage ERP Support, RKL eSolutions fit like a glove when it came to meeting the unique needs of RYE. The team at RKL customized an out-of-the-box Sage Enterprise Management system, allowing RYE to focus on what mattered most— designing winning engines.

This is just one of the many success stories that make Lancaster-based RKL eSolutions the go-to authority when it comes to Sage consulting, sales, implementation, and support. Founded in 2002, as a small division of an accounting firm, today RKL eSolutions has grown by leaps and bounds through strategic acquisitions, referral partnerships, and offices spread coast-to-coast in the U.S. Offering a wide range of Sage software solutions such as Sage 100, Sage 500, Sage Intacct, as well as complimentary products like Sage CRM, Sage Fixed Assets, and Sage Inventory Advisor, RKL eSolutions is uniquely positioned to drive endless business results. Behind RKL's year on year success is industry veteran Joe Noll, president of the company with nearly three decades of experience in systems implementations and the IT field, across a variety of platforms. Noll is also a Sage 500 ERP Certified Consultant, Sage 500 ERP Certified Developer, and a Sage ERP X3 Technical Consultant.

One-Stop Source for Sage Solutions

Given that most organizations today, on the lookout for a new business management solution, keep an eye out for ease of use, open API, interoperability, and extensibility, RKL eSolutions believes that Sage is the perfect fit. Currently Sage works with 6.2 million businesses around the globe and it’s the world’s third largest supplier of enterprise resource planning software, making their credibility second to none. According to Noll, Sage's product functionality and reputation, ability to customize or extend the product, and partner-friendly program are some of the reasons that led RKL eSolutions to become a Sage authorized dealer.

Whether the client in question is a distributor, manufacturer, or professional services company, RKL eSolutions with their Sage expertise can tackle any kind of challenge faced in the warehouse, shop floor, accounting department, or anywhere else in the business. Through their solutions, RKL eSolutions has successfully upgraded the business practices of organizations in the entertainment, manufacturing, and chemical industries. From Sage 100 which is a business management software and Sage Intacct, the accounting software to Sage CRM designed for customer relations and improved sales cycle, RKL eSolutions covers a wide gamut of options.

At the onset of every project, RKL eSolutions gathers a complete understanding of the challenge at hand and helps the client select the best plan of action. The team at RKL is organized according to each Sage product they support, and every project is delivered on time and on-budget. A step-by-step proven project methodology is followed from start to finish, which broadly encompasses project planning, system design, configuration, testing, training, go live, and optimize. All upgrade or software customization, training, and integration services are covered as well.

Another case study, which highlights RKL eSolutions’ value proposition is that of an agricultural irrigation contracting company based in the Northern Sacramento Valley of California. The client had been using their existing ERP package for over 18 years, which was not only outdated but they were facing serious issues with system crashes and data corruption.

Although RKL is your one-stop-hub for all Sage solutions, it’s not the product but the customer service that distinguishes the company

After evaluating the contracting company's business structure, RKL suggested Sage 100's proprietary inventory management system, which allowed them to easily track parts in the supply chain while an integrated financial planner assisted the finance team in managing invoices digitally. Sage 100 allowed the client to stay within the budget and continuously improve their business processes. They have now achieved a new state of paperless office environment while saving time, storage space, and having better access to data.

More than an ERP Reseller

In addition, if the situation arises or the client demands, RKL steps in and takes care of process automation through solutions such as document management, EDI, and fixed asset management that are integrated directly into a Sage ERP system to streamline business processes. To further throw light into this offering, let's take a situational example. If a client is looking to eliminate manual exchange rate entry across all of the currencies they transact in, RKL can implement the XE Currency Connector for Sage that automates the currency spot rates and exchange conversions to mitigate the risk of accounting errors and costly pricing mistakes.

Apart from software solutions, the company also offers advanced business intelligence for Sage ERP through an innovative self-service, data analysis, and reporting solution. RKL's Sage Enterprise Intelligence has an easy-to-use web interface that’s quick to deploy and fully integrates with Sage ERP software. More than just a BI reporting tool, Sage Enterprise Intelligence also provides data entry and business logic capabilities that can support applications such as budgeting and forecasting.

A holistic solutions provider in the truest sense, RKL also prepares businesses and organizations for real, sustained growth through their state-of-the-art services. The company is uniquely positioned to play a central role in business strategy, performance optimization, and organizational agility. Keeping in mind that every organizational challenge is different, RKL carefully listens to the concerns of each client and apart from business solutions also extends consulting, network administration, and even custom application development. For instance, RKL understands the importance of an up-to-date distribution cycle and each client is assigned a team of distribution experts that has decades of experience on the warehouse floor. This helps improve inventory analysis and reporting, accurately track inventory movement, and overall increase inventory turns and reduce overstock and preserve margins.

Although RKL is the one-stop-hub for all Sage solutions, it’s not the product but the customer service that distinguishes the company. It’s their real-world skill to understand the intricacies of business operations including financials, inventory, distribution, manufacturing, shop floor, logistics, shipping, field service, point of sale, and eCommerce, in addition to in-depth Sage knowledge that makes them stand out. It comes as no surprise that owing to their innovation and continuous expansion, RKL is considered among the nation's top value-added resellers. Last year they also extended their service to the waste, trade, and recycling industry by expanding a portfolio of end-to-end software solutions while leveraging Sage Intacct.

In the days to come RKL will strive to stay on the cutting edge of new technology and industry trends. Truly, RKL eSolutions is so much more than an ERP reseller or technology vendor. They are a trusted business advisor and partner that steps in where other solutions in the market leaves off.

RKL eSolutions LLC

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Joe Noll, President

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