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Robert Dayton, Managing Partner
“Can the ‘call center mentality’ of throwing more and more outsourced bodies on an advanced analytics project be the best value proposition?” If a business is focused on transformative development leveraging big data, then the right elbow reflex of the non-focused, IT outsourcing firms, who want to sell you more ‘volume’, may not be the right prescription. Business prudence suggests owning the intellectual capital for advanced analytics technological transformation. Knowledge workers in big data, data science, and business analytics must represent the interests of the company—what RM Dayton calls the ‘inside looking out’ mindset.

With this ‘less is more' philosophy, RM Dayton challenges conventional business practices, questions the resource increment and dares to ask, “why not?” Robert Dayton, Managing Partner, RM Dayton Analytics asks, “Why not reduce the IT outsourcing component related to big data and advanced analytics to fewer, laser-focused resources, where you retain the prized intellectual capital?’’ When elite athletes to fill mission critical requirements in big data, data science or business analytics are paramount, the game-changing firm offers a supreme value proposition. “We’re a team building company, and accordingly, we align analytic knowledge workers differently than that to which our customers may be accustomed,” remarks Dayton.

Combining an agile approach with the firepower of those who dare to ask, ‘why not?’, the firm can deliver transformative results, providing strategic and operational advanced analytics intellectual capital. With people as its product, the company leverages its experience in business analytics domain and vets the top talent available for a client need. “RM Dayton is not ‘all’ IT, but rather, is focused solely on big data, data science, and business analytics,” says Dayton. RMDA delineates how its customers prefer to onboard the resource and align the knowledge workers with the project and business goals of the clients. The company firmly believes in the ‘power of one’ that just one person can make an enormous difference and take customer engagement to new thresholds.

We’re a team building company, and accordingly, we align analytic knowledge workers differently than that to which our customers may be accustomed

For example, RM Dayton was engaged to align elite-caliber big data resources for one of the most admired brands in retail and one with an advanced position in creating customer insight and personalization strategies. The team is a high-performing, elite force that is leading the retail industry in its development of real-time, data-driven personalization using the massive computational power of the Hadoop cluster along with cutting edge technologies such as Cassandra, Couchbase, Kafka, Storm, Solr, Node and Spark. An API platform is used in real-time to create a customer experience that is both personalized and contextual.

In the Internet of Things (IoT) realm, RMDA’s global electronics manufacturing customer creates flexible, sustainable and efficient commercial environments through engineered hardware and software working together. RM Dayton aligned analytic talent to work as part of an agile team for commercial automation web services development and mobile platform integration (iOS, Android).

RM Dayton has earned several accolades, including 20 Most Promising Enterprise Performance Management Solution Providers 2016, 50 Most Admired Companies of the Year 2017 and 100 Most Promising Big Data Solution Providers 2017. The team building company is trusted by Fortune 500 companies, industry disruptors, admired companies, and other Global 2000 brands to find the sharpest minds that embrace technology, reduce risk, and enhance the customer experience.

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Robert Dayton, Managing Partner

RM Dayton is a team building company focused on business analytics, data science, and big data

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