RMG Networks: Real-Time Performance Monitoring and Visual Communications Solutions

Steve Chang, SVP, Strategy & Solutions
Visibility across the supply chain remains a growing concern among manufacturers, distributors and other logistics personnel. Data captured throughout the supply chain is often not visible or actionable for users. “The issue is not only visibility, but difficulty in accessing ‘siloed’ information,” says Steve Chang, SVP of Strategy and Solutions, RMG Networks. To address these challenges, RMG Networks provides a flexible and robust communication platform that enables collection, aggregation, manipulation and presentation of real-time information. Information can be presented via digital sign age, at the desktop or on a mobile device to enhance productivity.

RMG’s visual supply chain solution helps companies connect with their target audiences in real time. “Our solution empowers an organization to more efficiently manage and optimize supply chain operations by making critical, real-time data more visible, when and where it’s needed,” adds Chang. Combining software, hardware, business applications and services, RMG Networks offers an integrated solution that works seamlessly with a variety of existing supply chain systems and technologies.

The company’s solution is designed to provide information to supply chain managers and front-line employees at the point they need it to drive performance. “We focus on making information visible in a real-time manner that can appropriately guide or influence behavior,” remarks Chang. The company’s solution seamlessly integrates with third-party systems across production, inventory, warehouse, transportation management and other functions to provide an overall view of operational performance. “One of our key advantages is the ability to collect data from disparate systems and to then present that data in various visual formats on the shop floor or other areas of a plant or distribution facility,” says Chang. RMG’s solution provides easily viewable key performance indicators on large digital screens, desktop displays and mobile devices, along with alerts, notifications and other relevant information.

“Our goal is to help companies gain greater insight into real-time performance so they can achieve the best results,” explains Chang.
By making this information visible, management can take immediate action to address concerns before they escalate. Additionally, companies can use RMG’s solution to rank employees based on performance and filter data to provide alerts on employee progress versus shift, team or individual goals.

One of RMG’s customers in the retail industry used to print and post associate picking performance versus goals at the end of a shift—too late for employees to take meaningful action. “Employees routinely checked their performance results, but the information was already outdated,” says Kerwin Everson, VP of Supply Chain Solutions, RMG Networks. Using RMG’s visual supply chain solution, the employees can now see their real-time performance ranking on a number of large displays in several areas of the picking module. “The solution drives productivity by letting employees know how they are doing at any point in time so they can adjust how they work,” Chang continues. Providing real-time performance data to digital sign age, desktops and mobile devices sets RMG Networks apart from others who may not offer real-time data collection and integration, or multiple ways to distribute information.

Our focus is on providing a solution built around real-time performance monitoring

The company strives to stay abreast of emerging trends, and designs solutions based on this philosophy. “As companies are beginning to embrace the use of digital sign age in the supply chain, we are already working on the next set of enhancements that will make our solution even more beneficial to customers,” says Chang.

At a macro-level, the company plans to widen their offerings and distribution in the days to come. “Our platform started in the contact center space and expanded into employee communications and supply chain. We will leverage additional use cases and features to enhance our platform in the future,” remarks Chang.

RMG Networks

Dallas, TX

Steve Chang, SVP, Strategy & Solutions and Kerwin Everson, VP of Supply Chain Solutions

Offers an integrated solution for supply chain visualization and real-time performance management