RoboMQ: Creating Context-aware Applications through Connected Devices

Bramh Gupta, CEO
Machine to Machine (M2M) technologies have reaped enormous benefits for local automation and process control functionalities for decades. However, the biggest challenge that most CIOs face are the data silos, locked information sets, and inability to have a global unified view of data. The solution to this problem lies in unlocking M2M data and connecting it with other enterprise information sets to create a much needed networking effect of data. robomq—a pioneer in the M2M landscape, creates this effect by connecting any device, sensor or remote asset to any system, SaaS or enterprise application over any protocol. “We have built our platform to support this vision of removing protocol constraints, enabling you to send information in one protocol and receive it in another,” explains Bramh Gupta, CEO, robomq.

Our ‘ThingsConnect’ suite of adapters and connectors supports integration of diverse devices, microprocessors, enterprise systems and databases using any protocol at a fraction of the cost

The company’s core product allows integration of remote devices, sensors and applications with SaaS and the enterprise systems. By supporting all standard protocols and cross conversion, robomq has the ability to unlock data residing in M2M, IoT, and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. “Our ‘ThingsConnect’ suite of adapters and connectors supports all devices, microprocessors, and protocols, and provide connectors to major enterprise systems,” says Gupta.

The company has also developed operational automation to reduce the cost of ownership to a fraction of the competing products.
Contrary to middleware operations, where majority of costs is of expert resources to monitor and manage the platform, robomq has automated management tasks to provide a single pane of glass for operation control.

Apart from core integration, the company has ‘Device to Dashboard’, a real time analytics engine for M2M and IoT data visualization and threshold monitoring. It allows data generated by devices to be analyzed in real time with no programming needed. The suite’s data driven alerts component provides threshold-based alerts. The company is adding machine learning to make the system learn from the data itself to notify of abnormal events. “With these features, the clients can make the M2M and IoT devices and platforms, an integral part of their enterprise information systems,” he adds.

The integration and availability of M2M and IoT data into the existing business flows can create cost reduction as well as new revenue generation opportunities. “For the newer players in the IoT space, the platform with its analytics and dashboards provides a means to hit the ground running,” reckons Gupta. robomq’s major implementation is in TopGolf—a premier golf entertainment and event venue. TopGolf uses robomq to integrate its SaaS applications with the enterprise systems and data warehouse to realize the full potential of data and streamline business processes. For instance, robomq is used to integrate HR system with identity management and fully automate employee on boarding to privileged platforms based on employee roles and privileges. “In the absence of this integration, employee on boarding is typically a costly manual process of running multiple tickets through various system admins,” asserts Gupta. Another client uses robomq to manage warehouse environment using sensors over mesh networks.

Going forward, robomq plans to build a device registration and diagnostic platform to cater to the increasing challenges of physical security and state of remote devices. It will have features to run health checks on schedule as well as on demand. The registration and inventory system will allow management of unhealthy or compromised devices, part of the critical infrastructure remotely.


McLean, VA

Bramh Gupta, CEO

An IoT and SaaS integration platform that can connect any device to any system, application or cloud to build smart and context aware applications.