Robotic VISION Technologies: Simplifying Automation through Vision Guided Robots

CIO VendorRick Weidinger, Founder & CEO
Businesses look for simplicity across their various vision applications as well as standardization across their multiple manufacturing plants,” says Rick Weidinger, Founder and CEO of Robotic VISION Technologies. “These businesses are focused on increasing quality and production while decreasing cycle time and costs. Automation is the optimal process that can accomplish this and the reason the technology is growing so rapidly.”

RVT develops the next generation of automation, machine learning, 3D point cloud and artificial intelligence from a platform of six patents and eight patents pending technologies. They provide best-in-class vision guided robotic software that allows robots to “see, think, and do." RVT’s patent protected single camera 3D vision software platform is fully independent and communicates with the world’s most successful robot manufacturers including ABB, FANUC, KUKA, Kawasaki and Yaskawa.

Founded in Northern Virginia, RVT continues to develop its vision software platform eVisionFactory™. “At RVT, our technical team strives every day to innovate the eVF™ technology even further,” declares Weidinger. eVF™ is agnostic to robot, computer, operating system, camera, lens, filter, and lighting manufacturers in order to allow for quick and easy integration. The RVT vision system integrates off-the-shelve hardware components; nothing custom or costly. RVT’s 3D robotic automation vision solutions feature the Henry Ford Technology award-winning Single Camera 3D software in addition to its proprietary validation tools–AutoCal™, AutoTrain™ and AccuTest™. “All of the RVT vision solutions standardize on a single software platform so the customer only needs to understand one method or process for set up, installation and runtime for all of their vision applications deployed at various plant locations. This significantly decreases install time and cost,” adds Weidinger. RVT distributes its own Vision Operator Panel and Image Processor Computer, which are standardized and integrated with eVF™ software at the customer’s choice. This matching of hardware and software gives RVT a competitive advantage by packaging a suite of
products providing a full integration of state-of-the-art technology from 2D to 3D vision guided robotics. “Our VGR software is scalable by design as eVF™ has been implemented in hundreds of successful installations operating over one-half billion dollars of mission critical capital equipment without one software warranty claim,” notes Weidinger. One of RVT’s customers was able to decrease its annual capital costs by $500,000 and lower its annual labor costs by $2,805,000 and increase production by 20 percent.

All of RVT vision solutions standardize on a single software platform so the customer only needs to understand one method or process for set up, installation and runtime

RVT is already focused on the next generation automation. The Company’s Random Bin Picking™ (RBP™), an add-on module to eVF™ that allows a robot to locate and remove unstructured and random parts from a bin, is considered the Holy Grail of the vision market. RVT has two Random Bin Picking™ patents and one pending. “We believe there will be many applications in the future for RBP™ once the market gains comfort and ease with the technology,” expounds Weidinger.

Extensive scientific background enables RVT to bring in flexibility to adapt and serve different industries with automation. A case in point is Agribotics. “If purchasing a robot means the difference between crops going to waste or going to market, then farmers will be encouraged to look at automated alternatives to human labor in order to increase yield,” remarks Weidinger. “Vision software is the key enabler for machine automation and RVT aims to become a leader and important contributor to this exciting and growing market,” concludes Weidinger.

Robotic VISION Technologies

Bloomfield Hills, MI

Rick Weidinger, Founder & CEO

Develops best-in-class vision guided robotic software that allow robots to “see, think, and do.”