Rocket Software: ALM and Compliance for Innovative Businesses and Applications

Andy Youniss, Co-Founder
As necessary as a software development process and ongoing maintenance is to a software company, so too is having an application lifecycle management (ALM) tool set or software suite. Although simpler, there are still challenges in procuring ALM software. Luckily, there are must-have tool capabilities and vendor service offerings that are common to all. Waltham, MA based firm Rocket Software enters with its enterprise solutions to leverage, optimize, and transform businesses with its technological boundaries and computing platforms.

Rocket Software offers flexible ALM for complex environments, simplified ALM for complex work, and uncomplicated ALM for complete visibility and collaboration. The firm’s ALM solutions help simplify software development by providing clients with the infrastructure to automate everything that happens from the moment a change request comes up until the time the customer delivers their solution into production. “No matter how complex, Rocket ALM products ensure that the IT requests, projects, changes, and releases are consistently tracked, managed, and readily accessible across your entire IT organization—from the service desk to application development, to operations and to management. And it is all automated,” elucidates Andy Youniss, co-Founder, Rocket Software.

Rocket Software is a software development firm that builds enterprise products and delivers enterprise solutions in the segments of Business Information and Analytics; Storage, Networks, and Compliance; Application Development, Integration, and Modernization; and Database Servers and Tools. The firm is also engaged in business and technology partnerships with IBM, EMC, Fujitsu, Hitachi Data Systems, Avaya, Epicor, Infor, and many others.

The firm offers Rocket Aldon Application Lifecycle Management, which is a real-time, anytime; anywhere control center for everything related to software development and delivery efforts. Rocket Aldon ALM automates all change and deployment related workflows while giving complete control over the entire change lifecycle. The Rocket Aldon family of products provides ALM for all software application development and deployments.
Rocket Aldon's community management software works as the center to manage application development projects and IT services as well as promote collaboration and communication. “Rocket Aldon Community Manager is a complete IT workflow Automation that bridges business and IT, it brings flexibility to complex ALM application development environments,” adds Youniss.

Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager's Enterprise Edition extends release and change management for the Enterprise Platforms. “Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager (LM) allows a client to specify and define multiple releases through its IT release management capabilities," says Youniss. By deploying, the product users can automatically track, accelerate and streamline the build release process and can use it to enhance developer's productivity.

Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager(LM) allows a client to specify and define multiple releases through its IT release management capabilities

Having quality software solutions has enabled Rocket Software to extend their customer base to various sectors with a special focus on ALM. For instance, Eldorado Hotel Casino, a gaming and entertainment center in Northern Nevada. With PHP development projects introduced and growing the package promotion was manual and prone for error and hence there were compliance issues and requirements that needed to be addressed. Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager (IBM i Edition) and Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager (Enterprise Edition) were chosen to solve these issues by the client. This resulted in point-and-click package promotion, development times streamlined, objects were no more unnecessarily promoted, applications easily changed on-the-fly and audit trails were easily delivered.

Over the last few years, Rocket has developed partnerships with various key technology providers that have led them to deliver robust products to their clients. The firm will continue to work towards customer satisfaction and development in the long road ahead as well.

Rocket Software

Waltham, MA

Andy Youniss, Co-Founder

Provides Business Information and Analytics, Application Development and Compliance to enterprises