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Andrew Hoffman, Founder
Every business is susceptible to cyberattacks and IT disasters, just read the latest headlines and without a doubt you will understand. Hackers, viruses, weather and lack of reliability keep you up at night. “Our goal at Rocky Point Technology Group (RPTG) is to fully understand a customer’s requirements, apply our extensive experience to the issue at hand, and ensure that we meet the customer’s needs now and in the future,” notes Andrew Hoffman, Founder of RPTG. “We are advocates for the customer, not a specific solution.” By staying vendor agnostic and utilizing a customer-first philosophy, we help clients meet their business goals.

BDR has been one of the main pillars of RPTG’s growth over the last seven years as it has become a priority for the industry. Unlike traditional backup, the firm’s BDR solutions utilize flexible storage options with replication of backup data to a variety of on premise and off premise destinations. The firm’s offerings include best-in-class backup, high availability and disaster recovery solutions. This diversity in products and technology allows RPTG to provide a tailored approach to each company’s needs.

Recently, a firm that faced issues with their existing BDR solution looked to RPTG as its trusted partner to develop a more efficient and cost-effective solution. Initially, the client was running AS/400 systems for ERP and used linear tape-open technology and IBM system utilities to backup their system in addition to SQL, Oracle and Windows OS using a separate product. The main challenge was that the systems were offline for extended periods of time and the storage footprint was extensive. RPTG quickly identified and implemented a backup solution that eliminated the need for tape and manual processes and provided a single pane of glass for management of their backups across various platforms, applications and storage solutions.

Rocky Point Technology Group will protect your data from silicon-to-software and core-to-edge leveraging the latest innovative technologies

“RPTG was built on the tenet that we are your advisors, not just a vendor,” we do not “turn and burn” explains Hoffman. Being positioned as an integrator and MSP in the BDR space, the firm’s approach is to completely understand a customer’s business model and technology needs to ensure that the solutions meet the customer’s goals. Another firm wanted a fully automated solution with the capability to continuously backup its ERP application servers while performing bare metal restores to any point in time. RPTG worked with the client to implement a cost-effective solution utilizing their existing backup hardware while including continuous backup and automatic restore capabilities. Shortly after the implementation, when the client experienced a hardware failure of the application server, the solution that RPTG implemented allowed the client to be up and running again in minutes in a virtual environment.

Looking forward, there are many growth opportunities in the managed infrastructure space and RPTG is concentrating on managed backup, monitoring, disaster recovery and high availability solutions and services to improve customers’ agility and reliability. “When RPTG is managing the critical aspects of your infrastructure, you can focus on transforming your business and driving innovation” says Hoffman. Partnering with RPTG is a smart way to protect your business and ensure the ability to recover from a disaster.

Rocky Point Technology Group

Tucson, AZ

Andrew Hoffman, Founder

RPTG has been serving customers nationwide since 2010, providing IT solutions and support such as LAN/WAN engineering and implementation, ERP software implementation, Infrastructure management, Backup/Disaster Recovery solutions, Remote monitoring/management, Oracle and SQL DBA services and staff augmentation. The company comprises experts and engineers who know the challenges that businesses like yours face and how to solve them with vendor-neutral, best-of-breed solutions tailored to address their client's specific business outcomes. It's always been the company's goal to provide enterprise-level IT practices and solutions without the pain of dealing with large technology providers. Their experience has allowed them to build and develop the infrastructure and business processes needed to keep our prices affordable, and our clients satisfied.