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Gina VanderLoop, CEO and Founder
As a woman-owned and operated organization, ROI Solutions is unique in its approach to delivering data management solutions to non-profit organizations. Since its inception in 1998 ROI Solutions has been dedicated to providing world-changing nonprofit organizations the tools and support services to help them better manage their data and improve their fundraising, which ultimately helps them achieve their missions.

The company’s Revolution Online CRM is built differently, strategically deviating from the industry-wide trend of creating a monolithic application that tries to fit all data management and marketing operations in one application. While that “one size fits all” practice may sound efficient at first, CEO and Founder Gina VanderLoop highlights a few critical misgivings of such a model. “We have seen this happen for many years where, in an attempt to provide clients with everything, many parts of the solution remain under-researched or underdeveloped,” she says. ROI Solutions’ clients have a consistent and holistic view of their constituents, the full history of their interactions across the organization, the ability to easily push and pull data very quickly to additional technology platforms as they are embraced by ROI Solutions’ clients, and a native toolset to maximize their relationship with their constituents.

ROI Solutions approach is different, instead focusing on the constant research and development of its core CRM product, so that it is both scalable and continually evolving to meet the changing needs of its non-profit clients. “Many of those new ideas come from our clients that are trying to tackle a new issue, and we make sure to understand their business goal and then collaborate on how together we can best achieve it. If it is a good idea that will benefit our user community, we incorporate that product feature into our baseline application so that all of our clients can benefit from it. We think that is a big difference maker” Gina continued.

At the same time, the company ascribes to a best-of-breed philosophy combined with time-tested experience in integrating with various other solution sets from digital engagement tools to payment processors to other marketing tools in their ecosystem. The company has focused on making the Revolution Online CRM ecosystem very extensible by specializing in intelligently integrating its core CRM with the marketing toolsets chosen by the organization.

We are driven by our clients’ missions. Our clients are truly changing the world and at ROI Solutions we stand steadfastly committed to enabling their success through better use of technology

“It is impossible to predict the next new advancement in technology, but what we have been able to achieve is a platform that is flexible, scalable and extensible, so that our clients can continue to grow while still utilizing other platforms that help them achieve success,” Gina adds.

ROI Solutions prides itself on being responsive to its clients’ needs and helping their clients achieve their data management and fundraising goals and aspirations. The staff’s intellectual curiosity backed by a strong belief in their clients’ missions help tremendously in the process of taking an idea, collaborating with clients to think it through, and then turning it into a new feature or enhancement quickly and efficiently. That commitment to client service has helped ROI Solutions maintain a growing client base of some of the largest and most influential non-profits in the country including Human Rights Campaign, The Fund For Public Interest, American Lung Association, Special Olympics International, Oxfam America, Humane Society of the United States, Defenders of Wildlife, The Wilderness Society, and a number of notable public media organizations including WETA.

ROI Solutions and its revolutionary offering stand a testament to Gina’s determination to deliver a complete CRM experience. The company is currently focusing its efforts toward bolstering the platform’s reporting and analytics competencies, all the while incorporating machine learning capabilities for improved constituent experience and audience targeting.

ROI Solutions

Medford, MA

Gina VanderLoop, CEO and Founder

ROI Solutions is a CRM Company dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations make the world a better place. The company provides strategy and state of the art technology and helps to drive increased revenue and positive results for its clients by enabling them to accomplish their important work

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