Rolta: Increasing EPC Profit Margins

Kamal K. Singh, Founder, Chairman & CEO
The magnitude and complexities of engineering design projects is growing at a steady rate world over. The onus of project management borne by the Engineering and Procurement Companies (EPCs) is demanding, amidst the competition requiring them to reduce costs on all fronts. To counter risks associated with large scale projects, EPC’s are seeking scalable solutions by partnering with two or more EPC’s to successfully deliver projects on time. To address these challenges, Rolta based in Alpharetta, GA, offers consulting support to identify engineering best practices that increase efficiency, strategies to minimize the number of internally developed spreadsheets and applications required to support the engineering work processes. The expertise provides knowhow on protecting Intellectual Property whilst working with other EPCs towards delivering final engineering data to the customer.
Rolta focus on solutions that allow EPCs to increase profit margins on projects, by reducing project durations and improving the quality of design deliverables. Rolta’s technology and infrastructure evaluation is carried out without any bias towards simulation, design or database technology. To complement and automate new work processes, the company delivers best practices and business cases for their implementation, and provides information technology recommendations.

The array of specialized engineering design services from Rolta, cater to the growing demand of owner–operators (O/Os) seeking services to integrate with the other enterprise-level systems to manage the EPC as well as operations and maintenance phases. The company’s engineering and IT expertise provides comprehensive solutions for EPCs and O/Os, from concept to completion of new projects.


Alpharetta, GA

Kamal K. Singh, Founder, Chairman & CEO

Offers consulting support to identify engineering best practices