ROMAD Systems: Eradicating the Threats Before They Exist

Volodymyr Hrytsan, Co-Founder & CTO and Yevgen Melnyk, Co-Founder & CEO
Founded by Eugene Melnyk and Volodymyr Hrytsan, ROMAD Holding Ltd has been on a definite mission since day one: to eradicate the global malware epidemic. “When I met Eugene, we wanted to create something innovative by detecting threats before they emerged, and my bioinformatics background did help to create the product that we now deliver,” says Hrytsan, the co-founder and CTO of ROMAD Holding Ltd. The dynamic duo’s initial step was to comprehend the then existing status of malware landscape. Hrytsan and his team knew that the malware space has never been stable. With every passing year, a new malware has emerged such as banking trojan in 2008, ransomware in 2016, and cryptominers in 2017, but there was a common link that connected them. The way the malware industry worked remained the same during the decay phase. He provides more detail into the term ‘decay’ by adding, “It is very time consuming and costly to develop a new family of malware, and thus the crypters decay or out-date the anti-viruses before deploying the malware.” That’s where ROMAD comes in. The company doesn’t focus on the crypters but reliably and sustainably profiles the entire malware families, instead of endlessly chasing the latest variants.

The company enables diffusion of threats ahead of a breach. The company’s solution—ROMAD—is able to identify behavioral characteristics of malicious software. This capability blocks offensive actions before they do any harm, without impacting benign system processes. “We hunt for the behavioral DNA of the malware and this way we have significant advantages over the traditional anti-viruses,” states Hrytsan. In an instance, ROMAD was installed in three of the systems in a big hotel network. After the hotel was affected by a cyber attack, their entire system including the backup was destroyed barring the three that ROMAD was installed on. Impressed by the result, the hotel immediately partnered with the company and started installing the solution on every system.

We are hunting for the behavioral DNA of the malware and this way we have significant advantages over the traditional anti-viruses

ROMAD is built from the ground up with the advanced capabilities required to fight and win against modern malware. Built as a fire and forget solution, ROMAD sees through all the tricks and focuses on what matters—attempted malicious action, stopping it before a system is compromised. The company’s unique TrueProactive Threat Defense technology provides sustained, long-term coverage to distributed endpoints. With this technology, organizations can stop worrying about constant signature updates as ROMAD protects them against emerging threats before they are even created. Another benefit that the solution assures is a minimal requirement of human intervention, which significantly decreases the risk.

Having carved a unique niche,going forward, ROMAD plans to transform with the changing malware landscape. Hrytsan believes that there is an inherent lack of transparency in the industry, and his company will be working toward mitigating it by leveraging blockchain technology. The blockchain is used to save the data about the malware attacks repelled. This data will be used to independently verify the solution robustness, and, on the large scale, to observe the malware landscape in close to real-time manner. Further, the company will also train its neural networks based on the blockchain technology. “We want to penetrate unserved customer markets to get the room and resources to train the neural network for a large user base,” concludes Hrytsan.

ROMAD Systems

Kiev, Ukraine

Volodymyr Hrytsan, Co-Founder & CTO and Yevgen Melnyk, Co-Founder & CEO and Serhiy Loshak, Co-Founder & CFO

ROMAD Systems offers its customers new technology to protect personal computers, data, and computer networks. ROMAD Company is actively developing since 2007. The total experience of our professional team is more than 418 person-years. The company’s high professional team spent five years and 5 000000 USD on its self-funded research and development to bring an entirely new approach to fight malware. ROMAD’s Endpoint Defense - the most innovative antivirus of the next generation. It combats the families, not the strains. Malware Genetics ™ technology is the next logical evolutionary step in EDR methods.

ROMAD Systems