RoomKeyPMS: Best-in-breed Cloud-based Hotel Management Software

Kerry Brock, Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Travel, hospitality and leisure companies—seeking growth at home and abroad—look to respond to the challenges of an increasingly multi-channel environment. Many companies are deploying analytics tools to gain insights about consumer preferences and deliver a differentiated experience which could eventually motivate customers to visit frequently, stay longer, and spend more. Hotels lean on their property management systems (PMS) to help automate and centralize operations. A PMS is at the core of hotel operations and the PMS manages all aspects of the guest experience through a single piece of software.

Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, RoomKeyPMS is a leading cloud-based PMS in business for over three decades. Starting out as a UNIX based server architecture, about 12 years ago, RoomKeyPMS decided to migrate the from a server based product into a cloud-based product, a first in the industry. “The enterprise system was built focused for independent hotels and hotel chains. With the enhanced enterprise features, we could confidently approach these markets,” begins Kerry Brock, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, RoomKeyPMS.

“We focus on making RoomKeyPMS rich in features, nimble, and flexible to adapt to our hotelier partners technology needs. A typical hotel can have up to 10-15 different technologies that need to all speak to each other and RoomKeyPMS has the flexibility with having over 500 interfaces in our library,” continues Kerry. “With our in-house built REST API combined with our knowledge of HTNG standards, technology partners in the industry can integrate into our system ranging from proprietary POS needs to custom middleware integrations,” explains Kerry. The REST API allows hotels and third party vendors to utilize data from within RoomKeyPMS or push data and interface it to any applications or systems that they may have. Hotels appreciate the flexibility that RoomKeyPMS with technology and in their pricing models. RoomKeyPMS has flexible bundled pricing allowing hotels to select the interfaces, direct connects and booking engine that fit their needs and paying for only what they need. With 3 packages to choose from, there is a package for all hotel needs. RoomKeyPMS's goal is to offer hoteliers a superior product that fits in their budgets.

We have built our own API so that technology partners in the industry can integrate into our system. It is noteworthy that this service comes at minimum cost, if not free

RoomKeyPMS is focused on innovation and staying ahead of trends basing our development work based customer request. There is a regular release schedule with a major overhaul quarterly. In 2014 the Rate Wizard and Business Insights were introduced. The rate wizard is an easy to use dashboard for hotels to manage all their rates in one place. Business Insights provides hotels to proactively evaluate hotel performance at a glance. With custom report capabilities, hotels can view trending and KPI performance. In recent years, revenue management has become the forefront for hotels and RoomKeyPMS offers several revenue management reports and features to cater to this trend.

RoomKeyPMS customer, Lakeview Hotels and Resorts based in Canada required additional features to operate their chain of hotels. RoomKeyPMS created a central reservation system (CRS) and deployed Lakeview to their own private cloud for enhanced data security,” states Kerry. RoomKeyPMS works closely with each hotel chain to provide a customized solution to fit their needs.

Looking to the future, Kerry plans to continue the tremendous growth that the company has been recording. RoomKeyPMS is geared to go through significant enhancements in the next 18 months. “We have been expanding globally, and building a module to allow for multi-language PMS and booking engine. We already allow for multi-currency and multi-taxes. With our flexible technology model, hotels can be comfortable in approaching us with their custom feature requests. We feel that these custom enhancements make RoomKeyPMS better for our whole customer base,” concludes Kerry.


Vancouver, BC

Kerry Brock, Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Provides property management systems to independent hotel and hotel chains.