RouteOne: Finance and Sell Vehicles Your Way

Chris Irving, CTO
In today’s fast-paced world, technology continues to be a growing and expanding phenomenon of which we are all a part. For the automotive world, that means having to learn new systems, new processes, and of course, new protocols involved in the vehicle sales, purchase, and delivery process.

RouteOne helps take the worry and work out of what comes next. Streamlining and integrating technology for those in the auto finance industry, the company provides its OEM, Dealer, and FinTech customers with innovative tools to sell vehicles and the ability to go through the process in a simplified fashion. According to Chris Irving, CTO at RouteOne, the company delivers an all-inclusive Finance and Insurance car shopping experience for the user, “a consumer can shop for a vehicle, calculate a payment, apply for financing, review documents, and fully execute the finance or lease contract any time, any place, and on any device.”

With this theme in mind, it is important to note that RouteOne supports a broad variety of sales processes–both in-store and online—making every effort to develop technologies that perform key functions in a way that any valid party can consume them and engineer their own unique consumer experience. This helps to support individual, different strategies, and innovations to meet consumer demands for the digital age.

While the auto finance industry is witnessing an enormous amount of change, the challenges include meeting data integration requirements and creating a seamless consumer experience for all the entities involved—OEM, Dealer, Finance Source, and Technology Provides—for both vehicle purchase and lease. At RouteOne, the dynamic team meets this challenge head-on by developing discrete products that are consumable as services, widgets, or through our full UX presentation. This variety of delivery options allows for flexibility now and in the future to support these complex processes in ways that allow our customers to create differentiated consumer experiences. The company holds itself to rigorous security and compliance standards required to ensure the protection of one’s personal and financial information while purchasing a vehicle.
“We are a B2B company that is facilitating the B2C experience,” states Irving. Due to this, he adds, the company is reaching those who sell the vehicles on a larger scale such as dealerships, private sellers, along with start-ups and Fintechs entering the game and looking to improve the consumer experience. In doing so, a key element that the company offers is an open integration platform that is a central connection point to build each ‘player’s’ unique, branded consumer experience. This open integration approach means that RouteOne will support data connectivity with any dealer or OEM customer’s technology partners who can meet its rigorous security standards.

A consumer can shop for a vehicle, calculate a payment, apply for financing, review documents, and fully execute the finance or lease contract at any time, in any place, and on any device

In 2017, RouteOne processed the industry's first remotely executed auto finance contract with Toyota Financial Services. RouteOne facilitated the purchaser with an eSign-able package for lease agreements–the TFS proprietary finance instrument required disclosure documents, and any Toyota vehicle protection products purchased by the individual. RouteOne has successfully tapped into the opportunity to increase eContracting adoption and improve customer satisfaction by reducing document time and the F&I in-store closing process. This creates a new market opportunity for dealers to expand and increase sales by offering an easier means of executing the contract package.

RouteOne believes that its highly configurable technologies are going to be a game changer overall for not only businesses and companies providing the automobiles to their customers, but also to the consumers that will enjoy a more streamlined process.


Farmington Hills, MI

Chris Irving, CTO

RouteOne provides an innovative, streamlined process to influence and optimize the consumer and dealer experience at all points of sale, for F&I products, in vehicle finance. As points of sale evolve, the RouteOne tool set will continue to grow with them