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Mustafa Qutbuddin, CEO
As the technology changes in an ever increasing rate, the number of Internet-connected devices and world’s data stock is also constantly doubling. The advanced big data and analytics are deeply embedded across functions and operations for secured data management. Additionally, social technologies are becoming an important for today’s organizational infrastructure. These emerging trends are stimulating growth and innovation, and creating a new wave for trend setters like Royal Cyber, with deep focus on Big Data, IoT, Cloud and Mobility Services and Solutions, the company is providing innovative services with reliability, safety, and security to maintain global redundancy for seamless data delivery. “We are focused to design, develop, and deliver high quality, cost-effective, and realistic IT business solutions and consulting service that deliver tangible results to our global customers,” says Mustafa Peshawarwala, CEO.

Royal Cyber’s offerings add new dimensions to today’s global internet trade by providing next-gen features like augmented reality, digital watermark and Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ). The features bring end-users to the digital point of sale from physical product catalog, which ultimately leads companies to produce similar online recommendation for increasing sales. “We help retailers to optimize their customers’ shopping experience by allowing them to virtually examine the product portfolio for finding the perfect match,” shares Peshawarwala. For instance, one of the leading catalog manufacturers used Royal Cyber’s digital watermark solution and mobile app. It helped the customer to redirect their customers from physical catalog to the point of sale for better purchasing experience.

Royal Cyber helps organizations to enhance user’s digital experience—from showcasing products and services to final purchasing from any device. The company streamlines enterprise business operations by applying rules management where enterprise executives can easily see change or update the portal rules without writing any java code. It has reduced executive’s dependency on the IT professionals. Rules management comes along with business process management solution. It provides complete visibility to all business processes for better collaboration and constant process improvement. “We shape the process of documentation and automation by giving opportunity of continuous improvement by increasing the efficiency and reducing overall TCO,” says Peshawarwala.

We are focused to design, develop, and deliver high quality, cost-effective and realistic IT business solutions and consulting services that deliver tangible results to our global customers

The company helps the organizations to compete in the global marketplace by leveraging advanced IT trends like mobility, big data and analytics, enterprise modernization, and augmenting middleware integration. By helping companies to capture a huge amount of data, Royal Cyber analyzes the consumer behavior and market trend with analytics engine and algorithm for delivering better services and product recommendation.

Royal Cyber has partnered with IBM to help enterprises with a comprehensive set of capabilities and technical expertise across IBM Business Analytics, Cloud Computing, WebSphere, and information management software brands. “We offer a full set of IBM services, which includes, customization, implementation, installation, analysis, technical support, consulting and training,” delineates Pesha-warwala. Apart from IBM, Royal Cyber is leveraging different technological solutions of Microsoft, Kony, Magento, Hybris, and Xamarin. To augment such advanced technologies, the company is constantly innovating their solutions since inception.

Royal Cyber has a global footprint with offices and development centers across North America, Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Over the years, Royal Cyber has been serving sectors like healthcare, financial, retail, research and technology, manufacturing, insurance, and legal. For the years ahead, the company will focus on leveraging solutions and services built around Augmented Reality in retail space and IoT, along with big data and cloud computing,” concludes Peshawarwala.

Royal Cyber

Chicago, IL

Mustafa Qutbuddin, CEO

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