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John Deeb, CEO
Overwhelmed by 1,200 phone calls from prospective candidates enquiring about their adjusted ATAR score, the student admissions service center of the University of Adelaide was experiencing significant difficulties in meeting response time and servicing time metrics, in December 2017. With an approximate wait time of 40 minutes, it was difficult to deliver high quality customer service for anxious students waiting for their adjusted ATAR calculation. The University partnered with, Rubicon Red, a platinum partner of Oracle, and rapidly implemented Oracle Intelligent Bots, delivering an enterprise-class chatbot, to handle student ATAR enquiries thereby reducing the number of calls to the service center by 40 percent, and attenuating the average call wait time to 90 seconds. “This next generation technology is transforming the way we interact with applications and data. Specifically, chatbots are proving to be tangible solutions—solving real-world problems easily and improving customer experience—and we ace this technology innovation,” mentions John Deeb, CEO of Rubicon Red, while citing this particular case study.

Rubicon Red brings to bear its unrivaled expertise in Oracle Cloud Platform to develop tailored solutions to drive significant value for businesses. Leveraging Oracle Cloud Platform for data and message integration, process automation, application development, self-learning chatbots, and cloud infrastructure, Rubicon Red’s solution offerings enable companies to transition from legacy on premise platforms to the Oracle Cloud, swiftly. Rubicon Red has extensive early adopter experience in leveraging the machine learning capabilities of the Oracle Cloud Platform. This experience accelerates the time to benefits for user of the Oracle Cloud Platform and lowers the ongoing cost to run.

Rubicon Red implements Oracle-based solutions faster than the competitors in the market, thanks to its unique iterative delivery model, realizing business value for companies, incrementally with measurable returns on investment. By developing prototypes of a solution before actual deployment, the company infuses in clients the confidence to use those solutions more extensively in future; expanding adoption of Oracle Cloud, as a result. This has resulted in numerous success stories with Oracle Cloud, alongside earning the company several accolades with multiple clients recognized as Oracle Excellence Award winners in recent years, an Oracle Sustainability Innovation Award, and success at the Oracle Hackathon, Australia. Rubicon Red has also gained new cloud specializations for Oracle Mobile Cloud, Oracle IaaS, and Oracle Management Platform.
Deeb fondly talks about how they, in an instance, leveraged Oracle PaaS to extend packaged apps to enhance the user experience for National Pharmacies, a large pharmacy chain in Australia. Rubicon Red implemented a process extension layer using Oracle Cloud Platform to streamline the ordering and procurement process for in-store staff. Apart from optimizing business processes, the client was able to reduce training and operational costs as well.

There are three key elements to supporting a thriving community in the Oracle Cloud Platform—building knowledge, sharing wisdom, and promoting the success of customers

What differentiates Rubicon Red as a globally recognized Oracle partner is its leadership, innovation, and expertise in Oracle products. “Our ‘Plan Strategically, Act Tactically’ mantra serves us well to build out a roadmap for clients that can evolve over time, delivering incremental results fast. This enables our customers to realize a cadence of sustained innovation to accelerate the speed and frequency of delivering business outcomes,” says Deeb, as he explains how Rubicon Red can manage an extensive client base. The Rubicon Red difference lies in how the company delivers innovative solutions at reduced cost with reduced risk. The company uses an agile, “best practice” development approach to deliver a modern, layered cloud architecture that enables rapid change and uniquely delivers innovation through incremental enhancements. DevOps and Automation capabilities are inherent in how Rubicon Red delivers on Oracle Cloud. Innovative tooling that specifically supports Oracle Cloud means the company can deliver solutions and changes faster.

What continues to emerge as Rubicon Red helps customers on their journey to Oracle Cloud is the importance of having a thriving community of successful customers – successful projects breeds ongoing success for customers, vendors and partners alike. “We see three key elements to supporting a thriving community around Oracle Cloud Platform – first is to build our own knowledge, second, to share our wisdom – sharing what we have learned in terms of best practices and proven approaches with the broader community and thirdly to promote the success of our customers as they rollout successful projects that are having such a positive impact on their own organizations”, said John Deeb, CEO, Rubicon Red.

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John Deeb, CEO

Rubicon Red offers dedicated professional and managed services for Oracle Cloud Platform, including application development, integration, process automation, security, and IaaS

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