Rubrik: Virtual Platform for Converged Data Management

Bipul Sinha, Founder & CEO
Primary and the most fail-safe method for preparing data recovery is through data backups. Immediate application recovery and data deliverance often remain as obscure challenges for present-day IT organizations. Additionally, businesses require instant resumption from failures, quick admittance to test and development resources, and the concurrent data for business intelligence and analytics. Solving data management challenges, Palo Alto-based Rubrik—a principal company in the virtual technology domain—has created a solution named Hybrid Cloud Appliance. This product is based on the company’s flagship platform, Converged Data Management. “We transform complex IT into simplified products and we devise to bring web-scale technology and consumer design to enterprises,” says Bipul Sinha, Founder and CEO, Rubrik.
Rubrik offers automated data discovery solutions which are based on VMware vSphere environments. “Rubrik auto-discovers details of the entire virtualized environment, such as hosts and applications. The firm also utilizes VMware APIs—vStorage APIs for Data Protection—to discover VMware environments,” he adds.

VMware’s unified hybrid cloud platform brings both public and private cloud computing together, allowing IT to have simplified mastery and economical control of both the cloud computing environments. For VMware environments, the company utilizes VMware’s Changed Block Tracking solution to identify and copy only the changed blocks from the previous operations. “We apply intelligent global de-duplication and compression before the data is stored in our cloud-scale file system.”

In the future, Rubrik aims to provide support for additional virtualization hypervisors and plans to build out deeper content discovery and hybrid cloud automation to continue delivering a comprehensive yet simple-to-use data management platform.


Palo Alto, CA

Bipul Sinha, Founder & CEO

Provides converged data management platform to organizations fusing enterprise-class data management with web-scale IT