Rudraya Corporation: Streamlining Clinical Pharmacology with Cloud Computing

Sachin Sanduja, CEO
In 2014, America’s pharmaceutical industry passed the $1 trillion mark in global sales, solidifying its spot as the second largest industry in the country. With this kind of record-shattering success, one would figure that their IT departments would be rapidly evolving, but they aren’t. As it turns out, the learning curve is above a regular software engineer’s pay grade, so much so that in order to understand the vertical they’d need medical and scientific backgrounds. This is what makes Rudraya such an interesting and distinguished case. They have managed to place themselves in what would be a precarious position for most other tech entities.

These former Pfizer employees set out to fill the gaps of the clinical pharmacology and pharmacometrics space. Using Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) elastic computing capability, they hoped to streamline clinical pharmacology processes, applications, analysis and data management. “Clients will typically ask us to setup an environment using various tools, data sources and interfaces to support modeling, simulations and Pharmacodynamic/Pharmacokinetics (PK/PD) analysis. We then have to ensure that these tools work with each other, talk to each other, and sit on the same platform,” explains Sachin Sanduja, CEO, Rudraya Corporation.

Rudraya offers an integrated environment of clinical pharmacology tools under their Sonic platform, which has a number of interesting components. For starters, the elastic computing capability allows customers to decide which scientific analysis tools they need and how many nodes, then it creates a cluster to be integrated into their desktops. “The software is designed to meet all FDA requirements while allowing users to keep track of data in its repository, telling them everything from when the said data was accessed to how it was changed,” says Sanduja. Additionally, the tools have been created in an environment where they can be launched like apps in a web browser, that’s integrated seamlessly into the AWS infrastructure. If users want to see their raw data, analysis results and workflow then Rudraya’s Sonic tool is utilized.

“The future is shifting towards delivering patient-centric healthcare with focus on predictive, preventive and individualized care.

The software is designed to meet all FDA requirements while allowing users to keep track of data in its repository, telling them everything from when the said data was accessed to how it was changed

This approach aims to empower and encourage patients in managing their own health. To achieve this goal, what kind of tools can we develop?” Sanduja asks. One of the most promising platforms that Rudraya has created on AWS using their Sonic framework is already helping neonates and HIV patients in the U.S. and Switzerland. In the next five years, development and application of intelligent decision support tools will increase. Such tools will be used as stand-alone devices, integrated in large laboratory systems or connected with electronic medical records.

Rudraya further envisions developing user-friendly decision support platforms that facilitate implementation of mobile health approaches bringing benefits to pediatric and adult patients and their caregivers.

So what’s next for Rudraya? Well, their experience leaves them a lot of opportunistic avenues. Of all of them, Sanduja has expressed an interest in delving deeper into the company’s already complex area of expertise. “We are expanding and stepping deeper into pharmacometrics, pharmacogenomics and next generation sequencing space with pharma and biotech companies,” Sanduja says. Hoping to expand their offerings from clinical pharmacology to the genomics space as well, the budding tech company feels that they will continue their tour de force in the pharmaceutical space and expand well into the future. With their current drive and knack for innovation, it isn’t at all hard to believe.

Rudraya Corporation

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Sachin Sanduja, CEO

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Rudraya Corporation