Rulesware: Implementing Pega Software to Maximize BPM

Anthony Lee, Founder and CEO
For years companies have been coaxed into believing that if they want to use BPM to drive business transformation, they have no choice but to ‘think large’—by investing more resources and human power than they need to. However, in reality, these organizations are throwing away huge sums to engage legions of BPM consultants for an indefinite period of time. “We take the opposite approach,” begins Anthony Lee, Rulesware’s Founder and CEO. “I saw millions of dollars and years of development time being wasted, and I knew I could do better.

Headquartered in Schaumburg, IL, Rulesware's efficient team of specialized consultants deliver BPM projects more quickly, and more efficiently, than many of their competitors. As an employee of Pegasystems from 2001-2004, Lee became a real believer in that company’s tools and methodologies, and launched Rulesware in 2004 to be a prominent BPM service provider in the Pegasystems landscape. “We don’t think that BPM has to be as complicated as it is made out to be,” says Lee. ”We strip away the confusion and complexity for our clients, unlike some of our competitors who pump in more consultants to a project.”

Rulesware’s problem solving abilities lie at the heart of their solution set, “and that sets the stage for our passionately skilled engineers to find creative solutions on the first go,” remarks Lee. The company uses rapid delivery, constant playbacks, iterative development and real-time collaboration with their 120 person near-shore team of certified, English-speaking engineers, to offer clients efficient implementations that are in stark contrast to the heavier and longer processes used by some other providers.

A Rules-driven BPM System from Pegasystems

“The majority of our client engagements require us to implement a BPM tool in order to automate a set of business processes,” says Lee. Rulesware leverages Pegasystems’ BPM software that has great depth in terms of functionality and development accelerators. The company then employs agile software development and scrum methodologies to provide the customers with a unique (and generally unheard of) 90-day implementation option that leverages the specialized, world-class knowledge of their team.

For instance, a prominent health insurance company asked Rulesware to create an effective way to process appeals and grievances. They wanted to eliminate the need for the Access databases and Excel spreadsheets they were using at the time and to instead adopt Pega to build a universal system that would allow involved parties to process their clients’ appeals and grievances more efficiently.

Rulesware’s team adhered to best practices in construction so that all functionalities in the application would be reusable and extendable in the future. They knew this would be critical for achieving efficiencies over time. “We delivered all they asked for and more,” Lee proudly states. “They were understandably most concerned with their immediate problem, but at Rulesware we are always looking to the future.

Our team lives and breathes BPM

Other vendors might build an app that is so customized that you can’t reuse or extend it, but at Rulesware whenever we can make something reusable and extendable, we will do so. We encourage our clients to work with us to build solutions that can be monitored, analyzed and improved over time. Building static BPM solutions would make it impossible for our clients to compete in today’s competitive global business environment.”

And of course, the medical insurance provider now also has one uniform, and beautifully functioning process with which to move an appeal or grievance from intake to resolution. They minimized manual transfers, meaning that no more inter-office mail is required, and also have a single point for reports for all their information.

“In addition to our client work, we’re leveraging the passion and knowledge of our team to develop internal applications,” says Lee. “For instance we have an exciting new patent-pending application called Process Bridge that will leverage crowd-based knowledge to strengthen development teams and catch issues sooner.”

Flexible and creative work culture

“Delivering excellence on-time and on-budget requires skill and passion,” says Lee, and finding great people has always been a challenge in the BPM space. “We focus on hiring creative problem solvers rather than focusing purely on technical skills. We also look for people who we know will enjoy our open, accessible work culture.” Rulesware’s culture fosters teamwork and advancement with comprehensive training and mentoring programs. It is a collaborative work environment where everyone is encouraged to challenge the status quo. “I encourage people to speak their mind, in fact I demand it,” says Lee.

Rulesware’s culture extends to their near-shore team as well. In 2011 the company opened a magnificent office in El Salvador, in the Central Time Zone. Rulesware El Salvador was named one of the top employers in the country last year, along with Microsoft, IBM and Google. “Our near-shore engineers actively collaborate with our clients via Skype and over the phone in real time, each and every day,” says Lee. We also have an Ambassador program that brings our near-shore engineers to the US to work on-site with our clients, which everyone enjoys.”

Rulesware’s unique approach is spurring change in the BPM space. It takes real passion to be an inventive BPM problem solver, as every client has different requirements. Being transparent and solution-focused has allowed Rulesware to bond and connect with their customers, helping them get to the root of the problem. “At Rulesware we do what we say we’ll do, and we do it right the first time,” Lee concludes. “And we have fun doing it.”


Schaumburg, IL

Anthony Lee, Founder and CEO

Rulesware focuses exclusively on BPM and their unrivaled thought leadership, process discovery and development services, ensure that clients "do it right the first time" as they employ BPM.