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CIO VendorRobert Leesberg, Co-Founder Herman Heller, Co-Founder
Growing up with a love for sailing, it is not surprising when Herman Heller, Co- Founder at Runbook, translates his recreational interest into how he manages his company. “The SAP landscape is ever changing and sometimes we have to navigate through unknown waters, but our solutions ensure that our clients receive the best out of their SAP investment,” remarks Heller. Armed with an expertise in SAP, Runbook’s main goal is to deliver clear financials by bridging the gap between finance and IT. The company simplifies financial reporting through automated solutions that bring real-time visibility into SAP finance. “We address the inherent disconnect that an SAP system creates in data flow and internal communications, while increasing productivity and the quality of financial processes,” states Heller.

As the only financial software company whose solutions are embedded in SAP, several essential financial processes done in SAP reflect automatically in Runbook, eliminating manual work. Time lost and errors made with manual entry are too high and Runbook's process allows automation, permitting companies to focus on exceptions by drilling down to lowest line items and source documents in SAP. Runbook is also the safest software in the market with real-time-entry of data into SAP. “Our customers love that we’re plug and play, and since our software is modeled after SAP, employees recognize what they see. We also give our customers vendor independence by offering connections to the latest technology,” explains Heller.

With Runbook’s REAL View, a mobile application on SAP’s HANA Cloud Platform, clients don’t have to go outside SAP technologies or be concerned about security implications. “REAL View is not just for mobiles, it’s our real-time, CFO dashboard that works on any screen—laptop, tablet or mobile, offering a real-time overview for management,” continues Heller. With REAL View, a user can give approval, overview tasks, and receive updates or alerts.

As the only financial software company whose solutions are embedded in SAP applications, every financial process done in SAP is reflected automatically in Runbook

Keeping up to date with current SAP technology and developing strong relationships with clients, Runbook has a 100 percent customer retention rate. Rejecting the concept of ‘one size fits all’, the company provides finance departments the flexibility to tailor fit their best practices on Runbook's solution. Organizations can build their own standards, giving them control on execution and maintenance over solutions. For instance, Runbook helped a large professional services company significantly improve their process management and optimization. The main challenge for the client was to straighten out its administrative organization which lacked the necessary recording and description of processes and tools. With Runbook, the client was able to make a shift within the organization from departmental thinking to process-oriented thinking. Runbook also brought in more transparency and faster completion of year-end closing for the client.

Expanding as a company in employees, locations, and software solutions, Runbook ascribes their growth to the big push vested by partners. "Our partners are incredibly loyal; they use and love Runbook as a solution because it helps them position their companies for finance transformation," says Heller. Currently Runbook is focusing on the next generation of solutions that take advantage of SAP’s new user experience as well as SAP Simple Finance. The company is continuing to expand into emerging markets like Japan while also establishing additional offices in the U.S. to better serve their clients.


Ede, The Netherlands

Robert Leesberg, Co-Founder Herman Heller, Co-Founder

Provides financial close management solutions with an expertise in SAP architecture.