Runit Systems: Ensuring Full-featured and Affordable POS

Daniel Solomons, CEO
In an era where customers go online or use an app to shop, the legacy processes such as registers, calculators and cash-boxes at the counter has become obsolete. With technological advancements in the textile sector, almost all the operations including supply chain, ERP and finance have been automated. Introduction of electronic POS systems proves to be advantageous for retailers, who can now better focus on providing improved customer experience rather than engaging themselves in manual accounting tasks. Leveraging innovations in technology, Runit, a New York based company provides point of sale software to the clothing, footwear, sports and gift retailers.

In the early years of its establishment, the company unveiled the potential of its Microsoft Windows-based Runit Retail Software Suite. Set on an ever growing and evolving technical wagon, Runit is helping textile industries to manage their cash flow and profitability through increased sale and smarter management of purchases.

Growing up in a retail family, the CEO of Runit, Daniel Solomons, has invested his formative years in learning the intricacies of succeeding in the retail industry. Daniel has translated this knowhow in setting up a large-scale service design and delivery network for expanding Runit’s product and support solutions. Runit's RealTime Cloud POS gives textile companies access to the latest advances in technology on an affordable subscription basis. “By making Runit’s retail POS system a part of their retail infrastructure, retailers and store managers can expand their customer-centric initiatives such as an app-based loyalty program, customizable eReceipts and customized product information and recommendations,” says Solomons. Using real-time inventory tracking data, acquiring knowledge on what’s in stock, what’s selling fast and what’s a top-selling product across all stores becomes convenient. With the inventory management data fed into the mobile website or app, customers can be informed on the availability of items in stock.

By making Runit's retail POS system a part of their retail infrastructure, retailers can expand their customer-centric initiatives

As a leading provider of hosted POS to specialty retailers, the company has helped many retailers globally in running their business under the secured umbrella of Runit cloud. The company has its own data centers which provides secure, climate controlled premises, fault-tolerant network equipment and scalable high-capacity architecture for reliable and secure operations.

Providing ease of use, Runit’s POS software can be adapted on any device ranging from Windows XP to Windows 8, Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod and Android used over wireless connections and in any location. The company’s dashboard, Runit Pulse, allows owners and managers of retail chains to view real-time metrics about their stores. With its mobile app available on the market, viewing proprietary business data becomes easier. For companies utilizing a POS tablet or mobile solution for iOS devices, Runit Open enables sales associates to perform real-time sales transactions on-the-go. Having 24x7 customer support service throughout the year, it becomes convenient for textile companies to make best use of Runit’s solutions.

With a vision to enable retailers conduct and control their business from anywhere, Runit Systems continues to advance their POS solution with enhanced features that will allow the retail store to provide exactly what the customer wants and thus, emerge as a winner in the competitive textile arena.

Runit Systems

New York, NY

Daniel Solomons, CEO

Provider of cloud-based, effective and easy to use, point-of-sale system