Rural Sourcing : Reversing the Management Trend from Outsourcing to Domestic Sourcing

Monty Hamilton, CEO
The outsourcing industry is a staggering $200 billion industry made up of a host of companies from around the world. Surveys indicate that approximately 50 percent of the companies using outsourcing are dissatisfied with the service levels provided by the traditional outsourcing providers. Time zone differences, communication and culture barriers, inability to build an agile working environment, lack of accountability, and rising total costs of ownership are just some of the challenges offered by these dissatisfied companies. However, there is a disruptive new model that has been gaining traction in the US called domestic sourcing. Rural Sourcing Inc. is the pioneer in domestic sourcing and they offer a solution through their domestic outsourcing model that addresses head on the challenges of offshore outsourcing. Atlanta, GA based Rural Sourcing Inc. was founded with the goal of solving the US IT labor shortage issue by connecting Fortune 1000 companies with talented and qualified IT professionals living in tier-2 and tier-3 cities across the United States. Since 2009, Rural Sourcing has been successfully supplying talented US-based software development professionals in low cost of living but high quality of life locations with clients that have complex software development needs.

Revolutionizing IT Outsourcing

Rural Sourcing is revolutionizing the IT outsourcing services industry by providing onshore resources with an agile, remote delivery model for software application development, on-going support and maintenance of critical business applications and QA testing. "We are the trailblazers in the domestic or rural sourcing model and we are here to change the IT outsourcing experience for good,” says Monty Hamilton, CEO at Rural Sourcing Inc.
Under Monty’s leadership, RSI has garnered recognition from numerous industry leaders, the analyst community and most importantly their highly satisfied clients.

Rural Sourcing employs an Agile development methodology and this approach is playing a key role in enabling them to be flexible in managing the application development processes when building new applications and supporting or enhancing existing applications. Rural Sourcing is also a skilled and reliable provider of AMS (Application Management Services) for SAP and other cloudbased software solutions.

We are the trailblazers in the domestic or rural sourcing modeland we make a change in the IT outsourcing experience for good

RSI’s Roadmap
Rural Sourcing has clients across all major industries including consumer package goods, healthcare, life sciences, retail, and manufacturing. The future agenda of the company is to rapidly expand the current footprint of three software development centers located in the southeast to several other US geographies. The company is also looking at the possibilities of making acquisitions of companies with comparable culture and delivery models. Rural Sourcing offers their colleagues the unique opportunity to work for a purpose driven organization committed to changing the outsourcing industry.

Rural Sourcing

Atlanta, GA

Monty Hamilton, CEO

The leading provider of domestic IT outsourcing offering a US based alternative to offshore outsourcing for both on-premise and cloud based applications.