RURO: Solutions to Unify, Automate and Secure Process Content

Vladimir Lebedev, CEO & Systems Architect
The CEO and Systems Architect of RURO, Vladimir Lebedev’s technical expertise of over 20 years in software development and project management, influence his leadership and vision on how the company he headsshould benefit its customers. From its corporate beginning in 2006, RURO has deeply partnered with the pharmaceutical industry—from top 5 global giants to the smallest manufacturing startups to deal with their sometimes massive inflow of data and automate business processes. Headquartered in Frederick, MD, RURO is a known provider of LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System), other Information Management software solutions and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), and has its clientele spread across 40 countries in more than 1000 customer organizations.

RURO is in fact largely a technical development and deployment entity relying on a lean U.S. based sales effort and a large international distributor network including Thermo, Sysmex, Angelantoni and others. Since its inception, RURO witnessed the increased importance of big data, cloud infrastructure and the corresponding increased importance of traditional bioinformatics best practices, like standardized nomenclature, single-point data entry or automation, and the ongoing race to modernize security to meet emerging threats.

RURO’s solutions have addressed these trends effectively over the years and, today, RURO’s primary focus centers on the one issue it is most apt to fix—data silos. The company provides a wide range of expertise and varied suite of offerings— from the most basic sample management, full scale LIMS, to hardware like the robotic LN2 Smartfreezer. RURO has served companies and institutions that suffer from major inefficiency relating to disorganized, segmented or otherwise underdeveloped data and information architecture and structuring. To remedy, RURO’s most effective installations have been institution wide, borrowing from extensive experience with translational science mega programs. In addition, smaller installations are popular and make up the majority of RURO’s installation: they have the benefit of proving their worth onsite, encouraging greater adoption over time.

RURO’s suite of solutions is meant to unify, automate and secure an entire institution’s information and process content.

In addition to the synergies that RFID has with Laboratory Informatics, RURO has deployed several large scale RFID systems focused on security, automated inventory integrity, and asset tracking

This typically ends with Limfinity serving as a central hub, with single sign-on access to every branch of the organization’s data and work, as well as integrated access to any legacy system or databases that could not be replaced by Limfinity. The other RURO systems, such as FreezerPro (sample management software), Sciency (electronic lab notebook) or even Smartfreezer (the robotic LN2 freezer), are meant to address the most pressing micro issues facing a lab or group of labs if the larger solutions are not available. All smaller system solutions have an important shared characteristic: institutions utilizing them are becoming well-versed on the same RURO system methodology that may expand to manage and automate more of their work in the future, as needed.

In an interesting case study, one of RURO’s customers in Bethesda, MD was globalizing their service by creating sites that replicate their process in other countries. The client had hundreds of requirements from standardizing nomenclature to being in compliance with FDA, CFR, FISMA and also sought integration with four legacy databases and systems. Once deploying their RURO solution, the customer conducted a thorough study and concluded that the system, based on the Limfinity platform, improved the quality and output of their core center’s work, opened previously impossible collaboration channels, and aided in their ability to expand globally.

RURO has begun a large partnered initiative to create various industry-focused, cloud-based “starter” solutions that will be released in phases. In the coming quarter, it will be opening an office in Shanghai, China and the company also plans to expand presence in Qatar and its neighbors, Japan and other key international areas of activity.


Frederick, MD

Vladimir Lebedev, CEO & Systems Architect and Tom Dolan, COO

RURO provides software, barcode and RFID information management solutions for life science organizations