The “Netflix” of Analytics

Troy Ruths, CEO & Chief Data Scientist
With promising new platforms, enhanced performance capabilities, impressive use case scenarios, and cutting-edge technology, data science has become the cynosure of forward-thinking enterprises. But companies still face difficulties in discovering how data analytics can work for them. Engaging with consultants, identifying the right platform, and training employees, are all part of the data science maturation. And getting there can be a long-term strategy, which many enterprises cannot afford both financially and time-wise. “There are still firms struggling with implementing a simple analytic approach, such as linear regressions,” says Troy Ruths, the CEO and Chief Data Scientist at Texas-based, a company that is changing the industry. Through its novel subscription model, offers an alternative approach for businesses to quickly get up and running with data science initiatives.

Ruths explains the Subscription model as the ‘Netflix of Analytics,’ providing more than one hundred alterable and ‘ready to implement’ templates that are built on Spotfire, Power BI, and Tableau. This drastically reduces the time to implement analytics solutions. In what can be described as the ‘world’s largest repository of readymade analytics,’ the company has created a library, known as the In addition, Ruths. ai sets the industry standard for training with a comprehensive curriculum covering topics that range from the very basics of data visualization to the most advanced machine learning. When it comes to data science, the education and enablement of employees is an aspect that is often overlooked by companies. Training the team unifies a company’s analytics program and empowers senior management to understand the information contained in the created visualizations. In addition to gaining exclusive access to ‘subscription only’ templates and training, clients of Ruths. ai can also leverage an easy-to-use portal interface that brings together their analytics and data visualization windows alongside the training resources. The platform is also powered by a robust tagging system capable of providing intrinsic search capabilities.

At, we take your tough data science challenges and make them easy and affordable

To realize the effectiveness of its offerings in its entirety, provides comprehensive support that manifests as the consultative bond for their clients. The company’s partnership with their clients begins with a kick start, the deployment of a strategic team on site who expedite the product interface, data management, and training for a quick integration of products into the company’s system.

From Fortune 100 players to three-people shops, Ruths. ai drives data analytic successes for a wide variety of industry verticals. brings expertise and enablement that has a proven track record of gushers in the oil field and financial optimization across business processes.

“Enterprises need to have a good internal presence for data science, but they also need to have a quality third-party to work with. At, we have created this business model that makes data science initiatives an affordable and time-saving endeavor,” adds Troy Ruths. Looking ahead, aims to have more than a thousand templates in its offerings by next year. The company’s extensive experience in the marketplace with diverse clientele provides a strong foundation for the development of templates based on client feedback resulting in industry-ready, tailor-made analytics solutions. Anticipating future needs, the team at envisions a first-of-its-kind ‘data analytics cataloging’ feature that promises to provide a more in-depth perspective into data science workflows. “The future is all about content,” Troy explains. “The next generation of users expects to have the service we provide—a library of content that makes data science easy and doable.”


Houston, TX

Troy Ruths, CEO & Chief Data Scientist

Provides readymade analytics templates, comprehensive training, and extended support for enterprise data science initiatives