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Geoffrey Sherman, CTO
The eDiscovery ecosystem is transforming like never before.

Technology- enabled eDiscovery solutions and tools are simplifying litigation processes and minimizing errors. However, “With the proliferation of data, organizations are struggling to identify, collect, and manage electronically stored information, impeding their ability to make informed decisions,” says Geoffrey Sherman, CTO at RVM Enterprises, Inc. With over two decades of experience in eDiscovery, RVM offers a suite of services including information governance, litigation readiness, managed services, advanced data analytics, managed document review, forensic data collection, data processing, and hosting.

RVM also offers a number of differentiating, user-friendly tools which add tremendous insight into the eDiscovery process. Two examples of such tools are RVM Dashboard and RVM Tracer. RVM Dashboard is a platform which provides a bird’s eye view of data across various matters and stages including but not limited to data processing, culling, and review. By providing visual representations of the data and various stages of the lifecycle RVM clients can gain a deeper understanding of their data and review workflow. The solution ties data and discovery operations into a centralized data warehouse, unifying processing systems, data review platforms, and multiple other key entities together in the interest of simplifying the discovery process.

RVM Tracer is a software solution that allows users to conduct a first pass investigation. Tracer identifies a portfolio of parameters including internet history, USB/data devices connected, and recently accessed files to generate detailed reports. These reports can be used to determine if an individual is performing unauthorized activities and justify the investment of a full forensic image should require further evidence. In the event that a full forensic investigation is required RVM’s forensic group can handle an array of document collection processes. These processes are including but not limited to mobile device collection analysis, user computers, servers, and certainly email based collections. Above all, RVM has a talented team for round-the-clock customer service.

RVM provides end-to-end consulting services wrapped around our litigation support core competencies

Mr. Sherman adds “RVM is focused on providing value to our clients through innovative workflows and unparalleled customer service.”

Over the years, RVM has been successfully serving law firms and corporations in discovering and analyzing important data. In one such instance, an Am Law 100 firm representing one of the world’s largest financial institutions had to analyze over five million documents within three weeks. This effort was to prepare for substantive interviews requested by the Department of Justice (DOJ). Engaging attorney review teams to accomplish the tasks would have proved difficult and expensive. Additionally, the client had concerns regarding documents being missed during manual processes while the DOJ may have been reliant on more advanced approaches such as the use of Analytics. The RVM Discovery Analytics Team was up for this challenge. They coupled robust consultation around RVM’s Structured Review program (RSR). Through this program they applied intelligent workflows eliminating inessential documents to quickly explore and unearth a large source of relevant documents. The client could complete the first pass review with a total of 5 attorneys in just 17 days—far less time than allotted. RSR saved the client nearly 50 percent of review costs while helping the legal team identify a large volume of highly relevant documents for the investigation.

With the advancement of eDiscovery technologies and legal workflows, there’s never been a better time for legal enterprises to invest in RVM’s eDiscovery offerings. Looking ahead, RVM is focused on enhancements to investigatory and advanced analytics offerings. RVM is headquartered in New York/New Jersey with offices across the country and an established European presence which continues to grow.

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Geoffrey Sherman, CTO

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