RxNT: Affordable IT Solutions for Ambulatory and Acute Care

Randy Boldyga, President & CEO
For healthcare organizations, both small and large across the U.S., the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act necessitated the adoption and ‘meaningful use’ of electronic health records (EHR) software to achieve significant improvement in care and seam¬less sharing of patient health records. “This has led to a lot of frustrated physicians,” says Randy Boldyga, President and CEO, RxNT. “Healthcare providers have been told by software vendors that using one EHR is the only way to achieve these goals across acute and ambulatory care settings, which is not true.” The ‘value’ of the ambulatory solutions offered by the large-market acute care solutions is not justifying the expenditure. Additionally, CIOs are interested in learning more about how a cost-effective, robust ambulatory-focused solution can integrate with their existing acute care solution. CIOs have found IT vendors like Annapolis, MD based RxNT, a purveyor of simple to use ambulatory solutions.

RxNT regularly informs CIOs that they don’t have to use one solution to attain their goals; that, in fact, using a “one size fits all” solution may create more work for their physicians and cost more money. “For practitioners, our solutions include comprehensive functionality that can be seamlessly integrated with acute care systems and be used as a whole through our universal integration platform,” asserts Boldyga. “Our pricing is simple and affordable: we charge one license fee per provider for our solutions and it includes training and support.”

In addition to its EHR, RxNT has delivered RxNT|PM to the market, which is a state-of-the-art cloud-based practice management (PM) solution that can re¬place a traditional, client-server based technology, PM. RxNT has spent millions of dollars developing its PM using cutting-edge development tools, and offers a quality PM at the lowest price on the market. “We know many vendors make claims like this, so we regularly demo our solutions to CIOs and explain that they really need to see it to believe it,” says Boldyga.
RxNT’s EHR is a cost-effective yet robust Stage 2 certified solution that is seamlessly integrated with RxNT|PM, offering a powerful solution for full ICD-10 functionality. RxNT|EHR comes with an integrated scheduling product that allows clients to manage unlimited personnel, rooms, and assets. Moreover, RxNT|EHR has a best-in-breed ePrescribing solution, RxNT|eRx. RxNT|eRx can be easily integrated with RxNT|PM and R x N T | E H R solutions or used as a standalone solution. R x N T | e R x can be accessed from RxNT’s iOS and Android applications, or from a desk¬top browser. “Some CIOs elect to utilize RxNT|eRx as a stepping stone to our full EHR. With us, CIOs have flexibility. Our products and approach is flexible and affordable for all medical systems,” says Boldyga.

RxNT’s approach makes their solutions a viable option to replace large, existing market solutions. Boldyga recalls how recently during a demo to a practice disenchanted by the poor support and hidden costs of their existing solution, “was blown away by the functionality, pricing and support offered by RxNT.” Boldyga further recalls, “The practice said our EHR screens were far more intuitive and that operations they performed (sending a prescription) were far faster.” The practice bought RxNT’s full suite of solutions.

RxNT’s approach makes their solutions a viable option to replace large, existing market solutions

Boldyga is leading his company to similar successes by keeping things simple and staying focused on RxNT’s core products, as well as, “on our core values of delivering high quality at the lowest cost.” RxNT is focused on keeping pace with the evolving market. “The healthcare IT market is transitioning from large, expensive solutions to easy-to-use, affordable solutions, and we aim to be at the forefront of this change,” concludes Boldyga.


Annapolis, MD

Randy Boldyga, President & CEO

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