RxS LLC: Customized Technology to Empower Pharma Multi- Channel Sample Management

Mark Jara, Co-Founder, Principal
The life science and the pharmaceutical industry are consistently progressing in the field of multi channel messaging and Rx product sampling to health care professionals. However, there are increasing external and internal factors stressing the industry. The Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) strengthening efforts to tighten up regulations and required transparency reporting, has burdened the industry with ever increasing compliance and regulatory management. Internal complexities such as the constant struggle to find the right mix in multi-channel messaging, as well as increasing budget constraints and shrinking sales teams adds to the burden. RxS LLC, a NJ based pharmaceutical solutions company, combines its expertise in the field of managing complex multi-platform solutions and technology to provide valuable assistance to the industry." RxS LLC emerged in the Life science environment to leverage cutting-edge technology that simplifies sample management, sales force automation, and unites process disparity into one mastery system, a holistic sample management environment irrespective of the channel for overall compliance’’ says Mark Jara, Co-Founder, Principal, RxS LLC.

RxS utilizes technology centered on years of experience servicing all sizes of pharmaceutical organizations and their product lifecycles to lessen the administrative burden of Prescription Drug Marketing Act (PDMA) compliance, while implementing higher levels of process automation and robust reporting to make better informed decisions. The company also resolves the complexity of the multi-channel environment by integrating processes to work in unison with data influx from all aspects such as sales reps, e-detailing, tele-services, and other disparate channels. The company’s value proposition is to be a navigator between these channels, ensuring sample management compliance while providing insight for better decision making. "By deploying RxS services, organizations can be assured they are utilizing a best in class service organization.’’ says Jara.

“We ensure organizations effectively comply with sample management rules under the FDA’s PDMA (Prescription Drug Marketing Act),’’ emphasizes Jara. The complexity of bridging all processes in one within an ever changing sales footprint has not deterred RxS from ensuring that compliance is in place.
“Not only do we become a vendor, but more importantly a partner, an extension of the internal team by constantly providing guidance to our clients. This value practice differentiates us from our competitors’’ says Jara. Moreover, the multi-channel sampling initiatives can elevate small pharma to compete against large pharma. “It’s a simple proposition. Sampling data for compliance can also be harnessed for ROI and decision-making. Our service model is not just reactive management to comply with regulations. It’s a strategic vested model.” says Jara.

RxS’ proprietary platforms, LinkedRx and TeleTargetRx, enable organizations to deploy, manage, report and optimize specific sampling mixes from the multichannel resources to successfully execute their business goals within a compliant environment. LinkedRx, the flagship proprietary sample management solution, allows RxS to service organizations for sample compliance and to provide a 360 view of their sales efforts. LinkedRx facilitates the compliance management for pharmaceutical organizations. TeleTargetRx is a pharmaceutical tele detailing CRM platform specific to the industry. It enables organizations to deliver the right message to the right target,as well as offering request for Rx samples and/or collateral material via a cost-effective alternative to sales representative detailing.

Here’s an example of how RxS empowers success. A small specialty pharmaceutical organization was employing various vendors for sample management and messaging via telemarketing. As a result, the business rules and PDMA regulations were disparately managed and there were no opportunities for sample optimization and holistic analytics. RxS unified the sample accountability/management and offered regulatory compliance for all channels. Also, utilizing TeleTargetRx allowed tighter coupling of vacancy, white space and overall marketing campaigns on a consolidated platform focused on relationship management.

As a technology enabled company, RxS offerings to the industry thrive around leading-edge technology and the company has invested heavily in maintaining its service workflows and technical footprint. “It is an exciting time to be in Pharma. Technology continues to enhance the pharmaceutical messaging and relationship between pharma and the health care providers.’’ concludes Jara.


Manalapan, NJ

Mark Jara, Co-Founder, Principal

Provides Life Science organizations an end to end solutions for their multi-channel sample management.