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Ted Ryan, Founder
The combination of new technologies, shifting demographics and changing client needs is bringing a sea change to the financial asset management industry. Hedge funds, traditional asset managers, family offices and exchange-traded fund providers have all experienced the wrenching changes from the shift to passive investing, outsourcing and increasing regulations. While many software solutions focus on narrow areas of expertise, no one solution has brought together the functions of any asset management firm in as coherent a manner as RyanEyes.

RyanEyes is Ryan Business and Technology Solutions’ flagship application. A cloud based SaaS solution, RyanEyes was designed as a second set of “Eyes” to highlight important data that was not previously accessible, through automation transparency and process controls at all levels within an organization.

RyanEyes comes with additional unique features that permit you to manage your data and resources more effectively. The “Eyes” of RyanEyes, are its checklists, which avail different views to a single process to satisfy the demands of different interested parties. RyanEyes integrates manual workflow tasks with automated jobs. RyanEyes was built with the mobile user in mind. The Mobile App, which is available on iOS and Android, contains the full set of functionality available on the desktop.

What makes Ryan’s financial solutions unique is the ability to integrate seamlessly the workflows of a firm’s organization whether in operations, accounting, compliance or the front office regardless of whether those functions are performed internally or with an outsourced provider. It does this by keeping track of all the communication points automatically and notifying administrators based on the level of urgency. RyanEyes’ comprehensive business integration capability delivers real-time information to any user or system.

Any notification and checklist system is only as good as the data behind it. RyanEyes comes with a data warehouse module to access and track both the traditional data points necessary to an asset management firm and other data points that might be external to the firm.

Your Data should worry about you as much as you worry about your data

These data points include profit and loss by investment, tax lots, performance data, and exposure data. Our data warehouse integrates with investment book of record (IBOR) systems like SS&C’s Geneva to store your fund’s net asset value. Additionally, it serves as the basis for compliance alerts that span your organization. RyanEyes compliance functionality ranges from 13F, 13G to preparing 40 act funds to determine whether they are compliant with 12(d) 1 rules.

The Ryan Business and Technology team is fully prepared to assist with your needs to customize and integrate with other vendors or your on-site data. For enterprise level clients, a detailed implementation plan not only encompasses the technical requirements but also adds flexibility by bearing in mind all non-technical business considerations. These may include recommendations for appropriate staffing levels and highlighting internal knowledge gaps that clients will need to address to realize fully the value of their systems.

For the future, Ryan plans on adding functionality that permits the financial service institution to monitor any data point; wherever that data point may be. These “data monitors” are essential for a human to manage a data-centric world that operates in microseconds. Ted Ryan, founder of Ryan Business Technology Solutions says, “Your data should worry about you as much as you worry about your data.”

As a capital markets technology provider, Ryan mentions how understanding the future is imperative to continued success and so aims to bring a number of fundamental shifts in the market. At the same time, the company also aspires to expand from being a pure-play financial services provider to a game-changing business solution provider across diverse industry verticals.

Ryan Business Technology Solutions

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Ted Ryan, Founder

Licenses and develops collaborative workflow management tools for the asset management industry

Ryan Business Technology Solutions